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The more realistic the training, the more effective the results. That’s why the MILO Range Pro supports a wide range of weapons and system features that you can use to simulate virtually any Use of Force and Critical Incident training scenario.

Features Designed for Maximum Performance

• Touch-screen Instructor Operation Suite
• Increased Weapons per Trainee (5)
• New Quick Calibration Tool—Calibrate and train in seconds.
• Simplified User Security
• Simple HD Scenario Creation Tools
• High Definition Camcorder Included for local scenario creation
• Unified System Setup Screen
• Trainee Action Capture Preview
• Music Playlist for MILO GraphX Exercises and Drills
• Windows 10 x64 Platform
• Multi-Lane Firing Range Creation Wizard for local courses of fire

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Supported Weapons/System Features:

• Service Handguns
• Tactical Rifles and Long Guns
• Taser Devices, OC & Less Lethal Projectile Weapons
• Baton and impact weapons
• Dryfire, Recoil & Live Fire Training
• Lowlight Training
• Trainee Action Capture
• Tetherless Instructor-Run the system remotely by a handheld tablet
• High definition video scenarios
• Interactive Graphic Skill-Builder Exercises and Ranges
• Customized Course of Fire
• Real-time interactivity with Microsoft Kinetix™ Option

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MILO Range Pro System Includes:

• MILO Range Pro computer system (Desktop CPU)
• MILO flashlight & laser detection box
• 3000 lumens 1080p video projector
• HD Video projection screen (16×9 format)
• Pre-Programmed SIRT® training Pistols or MILO programmable laser insert x2 (any caliber) included
• MILO programmable laser OC/Mace canister x2
• Tactical flashlight x2
• Trainee Action Capture (color video and audio)
• 5.1 surround sound speaker system
• Hundreds of interactive scenarios & skill builders
• 50+ Interactive graphics-based firearms exercises
• MILO KnowledgeBase document presentation software
• Transport cases
• Full HD video camcorder for scenario creation
• Touchscreen LCD monitor

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The MILO Range Pro training system offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive Use-of-Force and tactical judgment training.

MILO Range Pro