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Design and Construction

The principal element in the design and construction of our shooting range equipment is shooting safety. From Bullet Traps to Shooting Stalls, HVAC, Metal Fabrication, Target Retrieval Systems, Ceiling Guards, and more. We are your best source for quality Shooting Range Design & Fabrication.

Multifaceted space management engineering permits an instructor and student enough room to shoot while keeping the focus downrange and maintaining the maximum safeguards. The innovative design of our stalls maximizes the number of lanes an area can facilitate, while dimension design lends to better shooter orientation, comfort, and protection.

All Fabrication is done in house

All Range Components are fabricated in-house by our professional metal fabricators and engineered with specialty metals and techniques that allow us to maintain the highest level of quality in all our products and components. No matter the customization, we provide the shooting range design right for you.

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Options and Features

Custom options and features include, but not limited to are:

  • Firearm cleaning rooms with vented solvent tanks and compressed air
  • Gun storage with safe doors
  • Forensic modules with ballistic capture water tanks and cotton boxes
  • Ballistic test modules with vehicle access doors
  • Camera towers and ballistic windows for high-speed photography
  • Flash Bang test rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Ready rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Master control rooms with lighting, target control, HVAC, intercom, SIM range access lockout, live-fire ready lights, and PA system control
  • Sniper Towers
  • Sniper live-fire modules
  • Fixed Firing line trainer sets
  • Tactical live fire trainer sets with Ballistic Rubber Surfaces
  • Swing out ballistic Shooting Shields
  • Target retrieval systems with turning, non-turning, pop out targets
  • Mobile MCSATS on trailer systems that are removable for ground mount
  • Deployable MCSATS for Air Lift transportation and battlefield mission prep
  • HepaVacuums
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Custom Ranges