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Custom Range Design

MILO Live custom range design (formerly Shooting Range Industries) will help you build the ultimate shooting range. We offer outstanding value for state-of-the-art custom ranges for gun connoisseurs and enthusiasts in need of a military- or law enforcement-grade site. We ensure every shooting range we build is of the highest quality, meets your specifications, and provides the greatest physical and environmental safety.

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Gun Range Design

With every custom shooting range project, our primary goal is shooter safety and comfort. That’s what we have in mind at all times during the design and construction of our gun range equipment. Whether it’s a bullet trap, lead safety-maximizing HVAC or the construction of shooting lanes and stalls, MILO  is focused on making your range experience as safe as possible—so you can focus on your marksmanship.

Multifaceted space management engineering provides a training instructor and student enough room to shoot while keeping the focus downrange toward the target and maintaining the maximum safeguards. The innovative design of our stalls maximizes the number and flexibility of indoor range lanes, while the dimensions and design lend to better shooter orientation, comfort, and protection during training.

All Fabrication is done in house

We fabricate all of our range components and engineer all of our HVAC systems in-house. Our professional metal fabricators and engineers use special techniques and materials, customizing our products and components for real use with ideal outcomes—including proper laminar flow, HEPA filtration, and lead remediation. Every piece of equipment or system installation for your shooting range should be right on target—and we will help you get it there.

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Shooter Training Options and Features

Custom options and features include, but are not limited to are:

  • Firearm cleaning rooms with vented solvent tanks and compressed air
  • Gun storage with safe doors
  • Forensic modules with ballistic capture water tanks and cotton boxes
  • Ballistic test modules with vehicle access doors
  • Camera towers and ballistic windows for high-speed photography
  • Flash Bang test rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Ready rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Master control rooms with lighting, target control, HVAC, intercom, SIM range access lockout, live-fire ready lights, and PA system control
  • Sniper Towers
  • Sniper live-fire modules
  • Fixed firing ranges
  • Tactical full-movement ranges with ballistic rubber surfaces
  • Swing out ballistic Shooting Shields
  • Target retrieval systems with turning, non-turning, pop-out targets
  • Mobile MCSATS on trailer systems that are removable for ground mount
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Safety and Lead Containment, Indoors and Out

Our engineer and installation teams have installed more than 5000 custom air handling and HVAC and over 350 shooting-range-specific projects. At indoor ranges, they create an airflow down the length of the range that pulls lead dust and particulates toward bullet traps.

This attention to detail extends to our MILO Live True Bullet Traps. With indoor ranges, the bullet traps integrate directly with the range’s air-purification system. They require no pumps, media, additional filters, or moving parts. Spent rounds are directly captured in sealable plastic containers that can be removed and replaced in under a minute by anyone (not just a trained technician). Lead handling is absolutely minimized, sharply decreasing the opportunity for lead exposure or for the escape and spread of lead particulate.

Outdoors, MILO Live’s Bullet Bank is a better lead mitigation solution than any other on the market. It vastly improves on older solutions (like earth berms and sand pits). Not only is the Bullet Bank better at catching lead, but removal minimizes lead contact while remaining simple to execute. The vertical design captures bullets and sends them downrange and under sealable bullet traps.

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Safety and Comfort for Your Custom Gun Range

We understand that every range project is unique. That’s why we invest time in understanding your needs upfront, then include your team in developing and delivering the appropriate custom shooting range solution. We have an established track record for helping gun clubs, ranges, teams, military organizations, law enforcement, private security, and private individuals find the ideal solution for their facilities, training styles, firearms, and shooters. Call us today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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