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Ready Range - Modular Shooting Ranges

Ready Range®, a MILO Live product formerly from Shooting Range Industries, is a turn-key solution for live-fire training requirements—commercial off-the-shelf, modular range systems engineered with 100% ballistic containment.  Ready Range arrives complete with 1 lane or expandable with as many lanes as your organization requires to meet mission training requirements.  Most organizations order 10 – 14 lanes.  The Ready Range can also be configured to a wide-open tactical training layout with custom lane widths per operator requirements.  Either configuration comes complete with shooting stalls, target retrieval systems, bullet traps, programmable lighting, HVAC, and filtration systems.


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Our modular ranges are made from recycled shipping containers, reducing the need for new construction while using repurposed materials.


  • Constructed for indoor live-fire shooting
  • Zero contamination to the outside environment
  • Meets current environmental and safety regulations
  • Prefabricated Ready Ranges expandable in width and length
  • Fabricated for maximum durability and safety
  • Minimal maintenance and range downtime
  • Optimal shooter training area and space
  • Minimal installation time
  • Lease programs available
  • Delivery in 30 to 180 days
  • No construction hassle, ready to shoot after utility connection is complete
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Environmentally Safe

Lead exposure and collection are always a concern with any live-fire training. Lead collection in the Ready Range is as easy as changing out collection containers, snapping on sealed lids, and recycling your lead for money. Just as important for any live-fire training is air quality and filtration. OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA regulations for air quality are met in every Ready Range delivered. The HVAC system maintains constant air flow and negative pressure to ensure that lead, smoke, and airborne particulate are moved away from the shooter. All air passes through a 95 – 99.97% HEPA filter rack before it is exhausted outside the Ready Range. Ready Range is the environmentally safe solution for Commercial Military, Police, and Federal Law Enforcement indoor live-fire training.

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Expandable and Mobile


The ready range meets today’s qualification and tactical training requirements, regardless of your training and shooting needs. The engineered Ready Range design allows expansion from 40 to 500 feet in length and 1 to 20 or more shooting lanes. Ready Range can be customized and configured to expand with your budget and training needs. Your Ready Range can also be divisible at a later date. For example, a 12-lane Trainer Set could be divided and set up as two 6-lane Ready Range in different locations.


Ready Range allows the end-user the ability to disassemble, move, and relocate the live-fire trainer set at any time in the future. Your investment will now never be lost to budget cuts or changes in the desired training location. We deliver by truck and provide complete installation of all Ready Range modular solutions.

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How a Ready Range can help your Department

  • Better Quality and Higher Frequency of Live Fire Training
  • The range is at Your Facility, eliminating travel time, overtime, and associated costs
  • 24 Hour Training Available regardless of Weather Conditions and Time Restraints
  • State-of-the-Art Live Fire Judgmental Training that Simulates Real Life Situations
  • Lower Cost and Expenses for the entire spectrum of ‘Use of Force’ Training
  • Accreditation of your Officers having Dynamic Judgmental Training
  • Lower Risk of Wrongful Death/Injury Law Suits
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We will work with you to custom design the Ready Range that’s right for your needs. We offer outstanding value for state-of-the-art custom shooting ranges for our military, law enforcement agencies, firearms professionals, and private gun enthusiasts in need of an improved capacity to provide live fire training. We ensure every shooting range and facility we manufacture is built to the highest industry standards and all our shooting ranges are designed and tested to ensure ultimate shooter safety.


Custom options and features include, but are not limited to are:

  • Firearm cleaning rooms with vented solvent tanks and compressed air
  • Gun storage with safe doors
  • Forensic modules with ballistic capture water tanks and cotton boxes
  • Ballistic test modules with vehicle access doors
  • Camera towers and ballistic windows for high-speed photography
  • Flash Bang test rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Ready rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Master control rooms with lighting, target control, HVAC, intercom, SIM range access lockout, live-fire ready lights, and PA system control
  • Sniper Towers
  • Sniper live-fire modules
  • Fixed Firing line trainer sets
  • Tactical live fire trainer sets with Ballistic Rubber Surfaces
  • Swing out ballistic Shooting Shields
  • Target retrieval systems with turning, non-turning, pop out targets
  • Mobile MCSATS on trailer systems that are removable for ground mount
  • Deployable MCSATS for Air Lift transportation and battlefield mission prep
  • HepaVacuums
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