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Hands-On Skill-Building for the Next Generation of Law Enforcement Officers

Every year, there are more than 64,500 job openings for police officers nationwide. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that demand for trained police officers will steadily increase during the next decade.

As a society, we expect a lot from those officers. On a daily basis, they must:”

  • communicate effectively
  • demonstrate patience and “command presence”
  • build trust
  • create transparency
  • de-escalate volatile situations
  • follow approved police and agency procedures
  • make sound decisions under pressure

How can we adequately prepare the next generation of officers to consistently meet—and exceed—these high expectations?

Simulation-based Learning for Criminal Justice Programs 

MILO has decades of experience delivering comprehensive and immersive simulation training solutions. MILO Range Training Simulators aren’t just for target practice. These are comprehensive, immersive, engaging, scenario-based “human interaction simulators” covering the full range of real-world challenges police officers face. Our training programs are flexible, all-inclusive, and self-contained. We offer students the same hands-on, virtual reality training experience used by law enforcement agencies and academies worldwide.

MILO stands for “Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives.” Every training scenario meets multiple teaching and training goals and is interactive, surpassing the standard “observe and react” training model. This has been shown to build critical thinking and decision-making skills while allowing students to hone their de-escalation and communication skills in every police training module.

Your MILO simulator arrives with an extensive library of complete and customizable training modules. These cover a wide range of training objectives and are appropriate for students at any experience level. Each simulated training scenario offers multiple decision trees and outcomes depending on how the student addresses and works through the incident. For the latest generation of MILO simulations, we’ve incorporated feedback from law enforcement agencies and their partners, expanding the scenario library to incorporate a much more comprehensive range of the most challenging situations officers face today. These include mental health crises, welfare checks, death notifications, interventions, and other emotionally charged scenarios.

MILO simulation systems evolve with the times. Most MILO simulations can now be run as multi-participant exercises, and some are based on the CIT/co-response model gaining traction in many criminal justice systems. Instructors can easily modify their curriculum to meet current needs, adapting the immersive content to include pertinent case law, updated law enforcement procedures, and criminal justice needs specific to their communities.

Simulated Video-Based Training

MILO has an established track record of helping schools, community colleges, and law enforcement agencies find the ideal training systems for their facilities and students, and we support that program over the long term. These simulators arrive with everything you need to begin using them in your program immediately. They do not require network connections and do not collect student-identifiable information. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to create custom content specifically for your criminal justice program.

MILO’s immersive training systems can be as simple as a single-screen simulator with basic IR-laser-fitted training weapons or as complex as a multi-screen “shoothouse” or fully immersive 300-degree motion-tracking surround “theater.” All of this can be customized to meet the needs of your department or training program.


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A police training room is shown with an instructor standing near a police pursuit driving simulator and a trainee standing in front of a projection screen with a situational scenario playing out

Driving Force, Driver and Situational Training

Nothing more closely matches the scenarios officers face during a patrol cycle than the compressed situational dynamics of a DrivingForce training exercise. Officers will do exactly the same things in the training room that they do on duty: receiving and responding to a call in their patrol car, conducting an investigation or a field interview, making a simulated arrest, or even implementing a level of force necessary to gain compliance from a subject.

• Fully integrated Driving and Use of Force/Critical Thinking Simulator (MILO Range)
• Elevated immersion
• Simulator-to-simulator integration
• Scenario development software application (optional)
• Multi-screen theater environment (optional)

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Criminal Justice Training Solution

We understand that every criminal justice program is unique, but our goal is always the same: to balance your training objectives with your budget to craft the most emotionally realistic, effective educational program possible. We invest the time to understand your needs upfront and then involve your team in delivering the appropriate standalone solution. 

Call us today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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