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MILO provides comprehensive training solutions catering to a wide range of healthcare, government, military, security, and law enforcement needs. MILO simulators have set the international standard for interactive training systems, covering the use of force, tactical judgment, crisis response, de-escalation, and communication. From single-screen simulators to fully immersive theater systems, portable options, and VR systems, MILO ensures that trainees receive realistic, adaptive, and effective training by integrating cutting-edge simulation technology with a robust, evidence-based curriculum. Our systems continuously evolve to meet the highest standards, guaranteeing that your investment is future-proof and aligned with your mission-specific objectives. MILO Range scenarios are designed to increase dialogue in the training room and improve critical thinking.

With a combination of evidence-based curriculum and the immersive power of MILO technology, CBTSim presents officers with diverse scenarios to hone their interaction, de-escalation, and decision-making skills. The goal of CBTSim is for officers to treat citizens fairly and free of bias, making decisions based solely on threat cues.

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Immersive Training

MILO’s immersive use-of-force and tactical training system can be as simple as a single-screen simulator with basic IR-laser-fitted training weapons (matching the weapons used by your agency). Or it can be as complex as a multi-screen “shoothouse” or fully immersive 300-degree motion-tracking surround “theater.” All of this can be customized to meet the needs of your department or training program.

Regardless of size or complexity, every MILO system includes both skill-focused modes (with a variety of “firing range” and CGI live-action exercises) and customizable interactive HD video role-play scenarios. All systems support multiple trainees with multiple weapons. Skill-focused modes include real-time shot feedback and analysis, both static and moving targets, and over 60 exercises. HD video scenarios offer full emotional immersion with branching decisions and tools for after-action decision analysis and replay. Any system can be upgraded with firearm recoil kits, live-fire/laser options, shootback systems, and more. As a result, the tactical training that the officer receives in a MILO Range simulator will translate to real-life situations that require the appropriate use of force.