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True Bullet Traps

The extreme requirements of a commercial/military-grade bullet trap are paramount to the success of your indoor/outdoor live-fire shooting range. The bullet trap is one of the major key components of any shooting range facility.

We offer a selection of bullet traps to fit your shooting range needs, depending on your specific shooting range design. Our bullet traps are designed and manufactured on-site by our skilled professionals to consistently, reliably, and safely receive all caliber bullets under all live-fire training conditions.

Our bullet traps are true bullet traps. All projectiles that enter the mouth of the trap are directed into the rear vertical cylindrical bullet catch that decelerates the bullet until it loses its inertia and fails into the collection container under the back body of the trap. No other media, such as rubber, sand, or water, are used in this passive style of trap. Therefore, you have nothing to sift, separate, or “mine” out of your bullet trap system to collect the lead.

MILO Live’s newest, patent-pending product, the “Bullet Bank,” dramatically reduces these costs to near zero. When installed as part of your backdrop system, the Bullet Bank captures all lead correctly placed downrange. Lead mitigation is built into the system, and recycling takes just minutes. EPA and OSHA lead contamination, mitigation, and liability become non-issues. This doesn’t just massively reduce maintenance costs and downtime. It also preserves the recovered metal’s maximum recycling value (compared to the “dirty” lead that results from sifting shot from earth berms and sand traps). The Bullet Bank reduces EPA/OSHA liability, minimizes mitigation costs, and adds an extra revenue stream you can reinvest in your range.


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The free-standing bullet traps require no building modification or structural support to be installed into your building. A flat concrete floor is all that is required. Because they are freestanding they are a great outside solution to dirt berm backstops.

Modular in design, each bullet trap is butted up to the next trap and joined together with a knife-edge connector. Both the pistol and rifle traps are 95.5 inches in length. This smaller footprint will save you tens of thousands of dollars in wasted building space that other bullet traps will require.

Our Bullet Trap Features:

• Free standing modular design fits through a 3’0″ door for ease of install and access
• Superior bullet containment
• Direct air filtration exhaust hook up
• All impact plates at 30 degrees or less for minimal surface wear
• Low installation, maintenance, and collection costs
• Small footprint saves on initial building sq. ft. costs
• Pistol, Rifle, and .50 cal models available

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Durability and Easy Maintenance

Our bullet traps safely collect and store all bullets fired downrange, allowing for the safe removal and disposal of all lead and other debris without human contact or environmental damage.

You are never reliant on another company to collect your lead, and your range will not suffer the downtime of having to close operations so your lead can be mined from your bullet trap. Calling your local recycler to come to pick up your lead and generate additional income could not be more time-efficient or simple.

All surfaces of the bullet traps that come in contact with the fired bullets are all hardened AR plate and specially designed angles so as not to put additional wear on the plate. No standard steels are used for these contact surfaces.

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Vertically Designed

Our bullet traps are of a vertical design. Along with using the advantage of gravity to slow and collect the bullets, this unique system allows for a significant mating and connection to the two inside walls of your range envelope that houses the bullet traps. This vertical system is far superior to horizontal designs when it comes to containing rounds that strike these inside walls and keep bullets from getting around the trap and striking the rear wall behind the bullet traps.

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Bullet Traps Exhaust Port

Another unique feature of our bullet traps is the exhaust port on top of the rear cylindrical bullet collector portion of the trap.  The exhaust port allows you to connect to your existing air filtration system to collect any free-born air particulate. This creates a negative pressure in the bullet trap and helps prevent the accumulation of lead dust and other light particulates.

A good percentage of rounds fired in most indoor ranges strike the floor or ceiling baffles before even making it to the bullet trap. This initial contact will start to deform and degrade the bullet, and air lead particulate can be created before entering the bullet trap itself. This is why your ventilation and exhaust systems are vital in conjunction with your bullet trap system to create and provide a clean and safe shooting environment for the shooter, range instructor, and maintenance personnel.

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Granular Rubber Trap

The granular rubber trap is a ballistic containment trap designed for tactical fire from varying angles, and advanced tactical shooting as a shooter moves downrange. While this rubber trap requires a bit more maintenance, it encapsulates the bullets whole. The fired round’s energy is dissipated through the disbursement of energy throughout the piled rubber media and then slowly, over time and with agitation from other rounds, work their way down onto bedplates to be mined out at a later date during regular preventative maintenance intervals. These trap systems can be utilized indoors or outdoors and can be made in widths from 4’ to 100’+ in width.

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Bullet Traps to Fit Your Shooting Range Needs

We understand that every range project is unique, and all circumstances must be considered when selecting the appropriate bullet trap system, as well as all other components to the specific Shooting Range Product required by the specific Client. Call Us Today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you. Whether you are looking for military, law enforcement, commercial, or private shooting range solutions, we will work with you to deliver the best product to fit your specific needs.

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