Rossford academy students learn lessons using a MILO Simulator

ROSSFORD — Rossford Citizen’s Police Academy students took part in the multi-media interactive training room at the Penta Career Center.

The final Wednesday class of the nine-week course included three training subjects: the MILO Range simulator, a body camera discussion, and an introduction to Oggy, the therapy dog.

Penta has a room dedicated to the MILO Range, an interactive use-of-force and firearms training simulator. It utilizes a real Glock handgun — that has been converted to firing a laser — into an interactive theater system that provides real-world scenarios.

The system is not like the old police movies, where a target pops up in a building, and the officer decides whether or not to shoot the person-shaped target.

Rossford Police Chief Kitzler gave the students basic instructions.

“Basically what (MILO system) does is it projects an image onto the screen,” Kitzler said. “You can walk around, go at (the subject), or whatever, but it’s life-size. People will appear. They will talk to you, and you can talk back. The ultimate goal with a lot of these scenarios is to de-escalate.”

Each class member did several different scenarios, with many not involving a weapon. When weapons were discharged, the MILO unit showed where anyone was hit, including the officer, and whether or not someone was killed.

“It was a lot of thinking, the on-the-fly,” said student Tim Miller, who had been hit with a taser in a previous class.


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