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Discover the future of immersive training with MILO VR, a virtual reality solution designed to enhance and improve critical thinking, verbal communication, and de-escalation techniques while sharpening decision-making skills. MILO VR is
designed to align seamlessly with your mission-specific training objectives,
offering a flexible solution that adapts to your needs anytime, anywhere.



Immersive Training Environment:
Immerse trainees in lifelike environments, replicating real-world scenarios to
provide invaluable hands-on experience.

Seamless Integration:
Seamlessly integrate MILO VR with your existing MILO Range simulators. Use MILO Range for muscle memory and physical skills training like marksmanship and defensive tactics, and leverage MILO VR for intellectual and knowledge-based exercises such as de-escalation and cultural awareness. Together, they create a comprehensive training experience for your officers.

Customizable Scenarios:
Effortlessly craft, customize, and refine training content, with the power to perfectly adjust characters and environments to match your unique requirements.

Adaptive Learning:
Like our renowned MILO Range simulators, MILO VR offers adaptive learning through branching scenarios. Escalate or de-escalate situations based on the
trainee’s responses, ensuring a tailored learning experience for every user.

Pre and Post-Scenario Debriefing Capabilities:
Enhance your post-training analysis with our After-Action Review (AAR) tools. MILO VR provides a comprehensive platform for in-depth debriefing, enabling you to dissect trainee performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Lethal and Less-Lethal Tools and Devices supported:
Pistols, Rifles, Flashlight, Baton, and CEW devices

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SEE LIVE: MILO Range Theater

The MILO Range Theater system provides you with a fully immersive training environment. With the enhanced field of view that Theater offers, you can increase trainee realism and offer true-to-life training scenarios. The MILO Range Theater is interactive from all directions, allowing trainee responses to multiple threats and applications of proper tactics simultaneously. The system is operated by a single instructor using either a touchscreen monitor or wireless tablet, significantly reducing the instructor resources needed.

Demo the Theater 180 at IACP!

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