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Research Study Name: Comparing Scenario-Based Systems for Law Enforcement Training

Pay: $60.00 cash upon completion (to reimburse for travel)

Study Availability: July 17 – July 21

Duration: 60-75 minutes

Location: MILO; 1195 Oak Valley Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 


Important Eligibility Requirements (ALL MUST BE MET):

  • Currently employed law enforcement professional in Michigan (officer, deputy, trooper, correctional officer).
  • Recruited to participate in the study (e.g., by MILO staff, administrators in your agency)
  • No uncorrected conditions that impair vision/mobility.
  • Not pregnant.
  • No heart condition or other serious acute or chronic health or medical conditions.
  • No implanted medical devices (e.g., pacemaker).
  • Do not suffer from seizures, migraines, or psychiatric conditions.


Study Description:

If you agree to participate, you will first fill out a short questionnaire to confirm that you do not have any acute or chronic health conditions that could make it unsafe for you to take part in the study (see eligibility requirements above).

You will then complete two simulated scenarios using a virtual-reality system. Prior to starting the simulated scenarios, you will be asked to put on an Empatica EmbracePlus smartwatch. The EmbracePlus feels just like a consumer fitness watch (e.g., Fitbit), but it has specialized, medical-grade sensors that measure things like heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, and perspiration. After completing the simulated scenarios, you will be asked to fill out a short survey that asks about your 1) experiences in, and opinions about, the study, 2) pre-existing familiarity with scenario-based simulation training, VR, and related technologies, 3) professional experience, and 4) demographic information. Altogether, the study will take about 60-75 minutes.

Your participation will help us evaluate and improve scenario-based systems for law enforcement training.

Please note: You can only participate one time in this study.


A password is required to see available appointments. The password was included in the email you received about the study. If you no longer have that email, please contact the person/administrator in your agency who first brought the study to your attention or email