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Your proficiency in the field is crucial to your success. Fully integrated training—combining both marksmanship and immersive situational awareness and decision-making—is the key to readiness when facing a modern, evolving set of threats and challenges.

Since 1994, MILO has been supplying security, law enforcement, and military organizations worldwide with cutting-edge, flexible, immersive simulation solutions. Now, MILO is excited to bring these offerings to Singapore with MILO Live.

MILO Live is a renowned design and manufacturing company specializing in modular ranges and high-quality indoor and outdoor shooting range equipment. These fully integrated shooting ranges can be custom-tailored and can incorporate the most advanced intelligent shooting range systems available today, including advanced live-fire video simulation training.

Shooter safety and comfort are the foundations of effective learning at any target range—and are thus the principal element in the design and construction of every MILO Live training solution and shooting range. Every element of your shooting range is constructed to the highest industry standards of safety, comfort, and quality. This includes shooting lanes, bullet traps, lighting, HVAC, air filtration systems, standard target retrieval systems, and the latest PULSAR™ Target Retrieval Systems from MILO Live, the most advanced target retrieval system on the market today.

Any MILO indoor shooting range system can also include the immersive MILO Range Live Fire  Training Simulator. This system enhances training transferability by allowing trainees to use their own service weapons and ammunition in interactive simulation-based training scenarios. The system offers a variety of “shooting gallery”-style virtual targets, as well as a full library of live-action immersive scenarios. You can “hot swap” between laser-based and live-fire weapons at any time, for maximum training flexibility.





PULSAR™ from MILO Live: The Most Advanced Target Retrieval System

MILO’s PULSAR™ Target Retrieval System is the only seamless, programmable target retrieval system currently on the market. PULSAR™ is a fully wireless, self-propelled, self-monitoring system. It needs no cables or busbars, allowing for much longer lane lengths—100 or more meters. It’s suitable for full-day operation at any firing range, accommodating both semi-automatic and fully automatic handguns and rifles firing rounds up to 3600 fps with up to 3800 ft-lb of energy.

Each target carrier is entirely self-contained, fully programmable, and self-monitoring. The target carriers are capable of pre-set or individual custom courses of fire, which can include multiple target movements, illumination changes, and target pivots (including “flinch fakes,” perfect for shoot/don’t shoot training).

The target carriers can be controlled by the individual shooter on a per-lane basis or remotely. The range master can control up to fifty lanes at once and even break lanes into “virtual rooms,” allowing for simultaneous exercises or competitions using standard or custom courses of fire.




Custom Designed Shooting Ranges for Military & Law Enforcement Agencies

MILO offers advanced training solutions for security, law enforcement, and military organizations in Singapore and around the world. We can consult with you to find a custom solution, engineered to ensure that you have the tools you need to meet your diverse training objectives.

Call us today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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