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Your results in the field are only as good as your training. Since 1994, MILO has provided security, law enforcement, and military organizations worldwide with the flexible, immersive simulation solutions they need to meet their diverse training objectives.

Now, MILO is pleased to expand those offerings to the United Arab Emirates through an exclusive partnership with Tasleeh. Tasleeh is a leader in new technologies for defense and law enforcement clients in the UAE and throughout the region. These solutions include integrated shooting ranges and the most advanced intelligent shooting range systems available today. Tasleeh’s offerings now include custom range solutions and immersive, state-of-the-art, live-fire HD-video simulation training from MILO Live.



Custom Live-Fire Gun Ranges and Equipment

Shooter safety and comfort are the foundations of effective learning at any target range—and are thus the principal element in the design and construction of every MILO Live training solution and shooting range.

MILO Live is a premier design and manufacturing company specializing in modular ranges and high-quality indoor and outdoor shooting range equipment. We ensure every gun range—and each piece of integrated equipment—we design is built to the highest industry standards of safety, comfort, and quality. These include shooting lanes and stalls, bullet traps, lighting, HVAC, air filtration systems, and target retrieval systems (including MILO Live’s latest PULSAR™ Target Retrieval Systems—the most advanced target retrieval system on the market today).

In addition to standard targets, MILO shooting range systems can also include the immersive MILO Range Live Fire HD Video Training Simulator. This system maximizes training transferability by enabling trainees to use their own service weapons and ammunition while interacting with simulation-based training. MILO Range systems include both “shooting gallery”-style virtual targets as well as a full library of live-action immersive interactive training scenarios. With a MILO Range Live Fire system, you can “hot swap” between laser-based and live-fire weapons at any time for maximum training flexibility.


PULSAR™ from MILO Live: The Most Advanced Target Retrieval System

MILO’s PULSAR™ Target Retrieval Systems are the only seamless programmable target retrieval systems currently on the market. PULSAR™ is a fully wireless, self-propelled, self-monitoring system. It needs no cables or busbars, allowing for much longer lane lengths—100 or more meters. Each target carrier is entirely self-contained and fully programmable and capable of pre-set or individual custom courses of fire. These can include multiple target movements, illumination, and target pivots (including “flinch fakes,” perfect for friend/foe, shoot/don’t shoot training). PULSAR™ systems can handle both semi-automatic and fully automatic handguns and rifles, firing rounds up to 3,600 fps with up to 3,800 ft. lb. of energy.

Because PULSAR relies on intermittent, contactless charging, it is suitable for all-day continuous operation. The target carrier cars can be controlled by the individual shooter on a per-lane basis; the range master can also control up to fifty lanes at once or break lanes into “virtual rooms,”— allowing for simultaneous exercises or competitions using standard or custom courses of fire.



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State-of-the-Art Shooting Ranges & Equipment 

MILO Live offers custom range design for both modular and brick-and-mortar ranges. Learn more about Ready Range, a modular turnkey solution, or about MILO’s range equipment to build your next range!

Our innovative shooting stall design maximizes the number of lanes an area can include, while dimensional design lends to better shooter orientation, comfort, and protection for tactical and target training. Double steel jacketed walls and stainless steel trim complete the space with style and functionality.

Our quality ceiling baffles are fabricated with pre-punched and welded suspension brackets. Our CAD-Designed plate spacing ensures all projectiles are directed downrange for ultimate firearm safety and durability, protecting lighting and HVAC fixtures.

MILO Live’s patented Target Retrieval System relies on a straightforward design, using durable materials, to ensure a long operational life with minimal maintenance. Each shooter independently operates the Target Retrieval System, allowing for controlled positioning of each target’s distance. We offer different options and will help you select the best target system to meet your needs.

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