Police Tactical Shooting Training Courses; Shoot or Don’t Shoot Scenarios, Ranges with Rotating, Moving & Pop Up Targets & More

To be effective training to survive a tactical situation, it needs to be as realistic as possible. Sweaty palms, dry mouth and an adrenaline pump are good. Low light conditions and moving target are suggested as well. The physiological responses to an armed combat altercation are debilitating and steps need to be taken to inoculate us against these physiological and psychological responses.

Hogan’s Alley FBI Tactical Training Academy

Blank firing, non-lethal weapons using simulated ammunition, air guns and airsoft are all good choices. But at some point or another, training must involve firing live ammunition. In the late 1980s the FBI constructed a tactical training facility called Hogan’s Alley. This 10 acre facility is a small town, but it is limited to blanks and simulated munitions, which fire a small caliber paintball from real modified firearms.

Shoot or Don’t Shoot Scenarios

Police utilization of firearms in defense are far more restrictive then the military. Police training includes shoot – don’t shoot scenarios to train officers to discern between a threat and not threats like a possible victim. Many of the old systems were lasers, and some of these have made it into the hands of private range installations. If available those who carry should avail themselves of the opportunity to experience this form of training.

Ranges with Rotating, Moving & Pop Up Targets

But after all the nonlethal and static live fire training exercises have been exhausted, we are in need of a more challenging experience. Ranges with rotating, moving and pop up targets will heighten the realism and let us hone our reflexes for a more credible real world experience. Many who have shot at moving targets realize that shooting moving targets is far more challenging than engaging those that are static. Static practice has its place, and is far more easily available. But access to a range with moving, turning pop up equipment will hone important skills if challenged and in a deadly force situation.

Build a Moving Target System

Ever holstered your gun and run 50 yards and tried to engage a target. For some that may be a tidge difficult. As for moving a target you can take an old tire, cut a plywood center and either paint or staple a bullseye target to hit. Make sure you have a safe background and have someone roll the tire down a hill, then try and hit it as is goes by. This can be very challenging. Our Native Americans used to fire arrows through a rolling hoop as a game and for honing their skills.

Human Silhouette Targets

Training to take a human life is challenging. Studies have found that in years past most of those in combat, fire over the enemies heads, not engaging the enemy at all. During the Vietnam War the Army started to use targets depicting a human form, anyone who has seen police training realize they shoot at human silhouette designate as the B-27 target or the B-29. Mindset is important in a gun fight. You have to be willing to do the unthinkable, engage and possibly kill a fellow human being, and if you survive you have to adapt to the aftermath.

Challenging, Fun & Effective Firearm Training Methods

During the Vietnam War the Army came up with an exercise called “quick kill”. A can lid, soup cans where the right size, was thrown into the air and you had to go from a rest position up to hit the lid without using the sights. It can be done, but takes practice.

Custom Shooting Ranges with Simulated Realistic Training Scenarios for Law Enforcement & Military Training

The goal is to engage in training that is challenging, fun and effective. Remember not all targets are stationary. People move. You have to train for it. Contact Shooting Range Industries to learn more about hiring us to design your own custom shooting range!