Pros & Cons of Outdoor VS Indoor Shooting Ranges; Bullet Containment, Reality & More

Having an optimal shooting range is essential when it comes to the training of military and law enforcement personnel. Allowing them the opportunity to practice drills and hone their skills for real-life situations is crucial, and wanting to be as safe as possible is the ultimate goal. It can be hard to make the most optimal choice concerning indoor shooting ranges, and outdoor shooting ranges with the many options available.

Pros & Cons of Indoor Shooting Range

1) Indoor ranges can be built anywhere with ease, even in the middle of developed cities, allowing them to be more convenient for your military/law enforcement officers to get to. It will prevent them from having to drive greater distances to outdoor ranges and in so doing cut costs for on-duty officers to practice on the range.
2) Virtual reality in indoor shooting ranges keeps improving with the aid of modern technological advancements.
3) Retail value increases.
4) Extreme weather conditions do not conflict with the use of indoor ranges as outdoor ranges can.
5) 100% bullet containment with a built-in bullet trap.
1) Suppressing sound and meeting all the additional requirements can be costly. The OSHA and EPA requirements for ventilation systems and HVAC systems increase costs in addition to the more expensive structural requirement costs.
2) It can be a challenge to practice all types of shooting and calibers to be shot as the indoor ranges can come with more limitations and constraints depending on the zoning.

Pros & Cons of Outdoor Shooting Range

1) Outdoor ranges are generally more cost-effective, and equipment is cheaper. Tactical situations with realistic advantages can be easily set up to simulate law enforcement. Opting for an outdoor shooting range might be easier on the pocketbook if budget is a concern.
2) Less limited to the use of ammunition.
3) With more firing mobility, the more tactical freedom, distance, vehicle scenario, and terrain-based exercises increases.
4) An outdoor shooting range offers more space, offering shooters an advantage to more physical range and training drills. Military and law enforcement have more opportunity to expand their potential with the ability to spread out more freely.
1) Not all sites are shooting range ready, requiring the need for soil engineering and earthwork; leading to a greater expense. To ensure the bullet containment, preparing the soil can require excessive excavation, adding to even more cost.
2) Muffling the noise can be near to impossible with outdoor ranges, making noise containment a challenge. You can sooner rather than later discover your range will be forced to shut down as houses encroach.
3) 100% bullet containment will also be impossible and impractical due to the nature and expense. It will require for your range to be off the beaten path to keep the local citizens safer from stray bullets.

Portable Custom Shooting Ranges

Shooting Range Industries can consult with you on the most optimal indoor shooting range solution. We can design your custom modular shooting range and get it engineered so your military or law enforcement agents can commence honing their skills, or you can start practicing your self-defense firearm skills as a civilian. Call us today to discuss your custom indoor range!