Shoot or Don’t Shoot Simulator Scenarios Allow for Civilian First Responder Training

When you find yourself in a situation where you have to make a split decision whether you should shoot or not shoot, you need to be ready to make the right one. Having this ability isn’t something that comes natural for most people. It comes with hours upon hours of training at the range. Shooting Range Industries is here to talk about the immersive simulator training that is being used to prepare people for just these situations.

Civilian First Responder Training

There are times that civilians need to have the training it takes to make a split second decision to shoot or not shoot. Although it sounds like it is simple, when you find yourself in danger of course you will defend yourself, it doesn’t always work that way. Often times, you find yourself trying to multi-task in these situations and even a hesitation for a split second could mean the end of your life.

Defensive Shooting Isn’t Black & White for Officers

It is easy for you to look at a scenario after the situation is over and decide whether or not an officer had the right to shoot and defend themselves, or whether they should have saved their bullets for a later time. When officers find themselves caught in the heat of the moment, the decision to shoot isn’t always cut and dry. However, new training is trying to give officers the experience and real scenarios in the form of simulation to help prepare them for these situations.

Virtual Shooting Range Simulator Testing
In these high-tech training facilities, trainees are placed in a variety of 400 different scenarios that will test their shooting reflexes. They are given testing on their gender and racial bias as well as their coordination and marksmanship. In these virtual training sessions, the trainee is shown where they hit and how well they scored to give you a better understanding of the skills of the shooter.

Shoot or Don’t Shoot is No Game

There is a lot of controversy over when it is okay to have a gun; when it is okay to shoot your gun. Pointing a gun at somebody should never be taken lightly. However, there is no real answer to any of these questions. It is hard to judge how the shooter feels when they are in a life threatening situation. If there is a threat on your life and you feel that you are in real danger, the line between shooting and not shooting is often a blurry one.

Custom Shooting Ranges Designed & Fabricated for Live Fire Virtual Training

At Shooting Range Industries, we have help design and fabricate these live fire virtual training facilities that help to train officers as well as civilians in defensive shooting. These video depictions of life-threatening emergencies are unlike any other training you would get elsewhere. We want gun owners to feel confident in their shooting skills as well as their judgement in an emergent situation. The key is to get the training needed to make an educated decision in a split second. Call us today to learn more today.