Shooting Range Commands & Procedures; Load, Commence Firing, Cease Fire & More

There are a lot of sounds on the shooting range. It is important you give full attention to the range officer and their commands. This person is in charge of safety on the range. As a primary duty, the range officer will make certain that the shooting activities are controlled and that the participants are following all of the safety rules. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries have listed the common commands that the range officers use.

What are Some Shooting Range Terms & Commands?

Load. When the range officers give the command ‘load’, shooters are on the firing line and then is when the firearms can be loaded.
Commence Firing. As soon as the shooter is ready, firing may begin. There is a time limit on how ling the firing lasts when shooting in a match.
Cease Fire. Cease fire means to immediately stop firing. Every shooter in the process of pulling the trigger needs to stop immediately, remove the trigger finger, and keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, unload the gun and wait for further instructions from the range officer.
Make Safe. Apply the gun safety, holster the firearm and keep the finger off the trigger
Range Going Hot. This indicates the start of live firing. Be sure to keep listening and make ready for the commence fire command.
Range is Cold. This command is more of an indication that everyone on the firing line has ceased fire. Following this, the range officer will give the clear when it is safe to check or change the target.

Gun Malfunction at Range

There may be additional commands at the individual shooting ranges you may hear and no matter the commands, it is a matter of safety that you follow the directions immediately. In the event you experience a malfunction in a firearm while you are on the range, be sure to keep your weapon pointed downrange or in a safe direction and raise your non-shooting hand to notify any range personnel of a problem and to ask for their assistance.

How to Improve Safety at Shooting Range

To help improve your safety on the range, in addition to the above range officer commands, below are some basics that everyone spending on the firing range should be following.
1) While other shooters are down range checking or changing targets, never handle your firearm under any circumstance, especially never point it down range.
2) Do not touch in anyway another shooter’s weapon or equipment without their permission. Because the shooter may intend on reloading their bullets, this guideline applies to spent brass.
3) It is essential that you avoid distracting or annoying participating shooters with unnecessary conversations or by engaging in loud, boisterous behavior.
4) Be sure that once you have concluded your you time on the shooting range you take the time to clean up the area around you by picking up any trash, all used targets, empty ammo boxes, empty brass, along with your personal items.
5) After shooting, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands and face to remove and residues.

Shooting Ranges for Firearm Practice & Training
Shooting ranges are designed and built to hone skills and practice the fundamentals. It is essential that you apply all elements to the safety when storing, transporting, and shooting your firearms. Contact us to learn more about our custom shooting ranges today!