Tips on Improving Your Handgun Shooting Accuracy & Aim at the Shooting Range; Proper Firing & Alignment Techniques

To get to be an expert at anything, you have to do it almost daily. Any hobby, profession, or day to day activities can get you there, same goes for shooting. Improving your aim when firing your preferred handgun has quite a few circumstances many folks don’t even realize. Some people even unknowingly develop habits that hinder a perfect aim.

Shooting Range Industries would like to take some time to relate some tips on improving your aim when hitting the shooting range.

1. Dry Firing. A common misconception is that using live ammunition is the only way to better your skills. While it is a much better way, you can still practice good form and shooting skills while keeping your gun empty and dry firing. As experienced shooters know, there is a recoil that happens upon firing a gun. When practicing dry firing there is no recoil so take this into account. You can better get a feel for your weapon if there isn’t the distraction of the light and sound when live ammunition is being used. By dry firing you can hone in balancing the gun properly and hold it as still as possible to improve accuracy. While dry firing, invest in a laser sight that will let you know where you are aiming. Utilizing a laser will better let you feel your hands alignment.
3. Muscle memory. This is truly effective. For those who can’t afford the rounds for your handgun, there are handguns that fire .22 bullets which are way more affordable when practicing live firing drills for muscle memory (when you can get your hands on these bullets that is).
4. Avoid pulling the trigger. Better accuracy lends to those who squeeze it. A fine line between squeezing and pulling, but know the distinction and squeeze the trigger.

The following bad shooting habits could be affecting your aim and ultimate shooting accuracy:

  • Breaking wrist up.
  • Pushing because your anticipating the recoil.
  • Heeling; due to anticipating recoil.
  • Thumbing.
  • Jerking.
  • Tightening grip at trigger pull.
  • Drooping your head
  • Tightening fingers.
  • Trigger finger improperly placed.

For better alignment, aim and shooting accuracy; practice the tips below:

  • The top front of your sight needs to be level with top of the rear sight.
  • The same distance between the front sight and both sides of the rear sight also needs to be in alignment.
  • Imprint your alignment by ensuring the sights are level and absorb the image. Take your time when shooting. And squeeze the trigger when you believe your target, front sight and rear sight are all properly aligned. Have shooting sessions where you practice nothing but this to incorporate the muscle memory.

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Shooting Range Industries hopes this will better improve your aim at the shooting range. Practice makes perfect and what could be more convenient than having your own shooting range where you can practice live fire training all the time? Contact Shooting Range Industries for more information on our custom, portable modular shooting ranges and simulators that come with bullet catches and traps to catch the casings, target retrieval systems and acoustic tiles so as not to disturb the neighbors! Remember safety protocols at all times, practice form and alignment and have fun!