Types of Rifle, Shotgun & Pistol Firearm Sights; Iron or Open, Peep, Telescopic, Reflex, Laser & More

For those new to firearms, or wanting to improve your accuracy with your firearm, you will want to understand and learn about the different types of firearm sights that are used to improve the shooter’s performance with their firearm. Each type of sight is used differently and in different situations. Shooting Range Industries will share the different types of firearm sights and how they are used.

Iron or Open Sights

Iron sights or also called open sights, are standard types of sights that come with all firearms with slight variations. Rifles, shotguns and pistols will all have iron sights on the firearm. You will have the ability to change or add a different type of sight. Iron sights are a single sight, called the front sight, and are found on the end muzzle, with two sights that are called the rear sights. These have a gap in the middle near the other end of the firearm. Shotguns slightly vary as most shotguns will use a bead at the end of the barrel.

Peep Sight Picture

A peep sight is similar to an iron sight in usage but look far different. Peep sights are typically found on rifles but can be used on other firearms. Peep sights use a front sight much like the iron sight but the rear sights use a circular lens that you look through. The lens is why they call it a peep sight as it is much like a peep hole for homes.

Telescopic Sight Scope

Telescopic sights use a small telescope that helps gain a more accurate shot at a farther distance. Telescopic sights commonly have different magnifications that help the shooter obtain farther shots. Telescopic sights are used for hunting, snipers, and skill shooting. You will find the scopes will come in different lengths and lens width, typically the larger the lens the more light it allows to enter the scope. There are about 24 different types of targeting lenses that scopes can have. Each has there different uses depending on the target range, the climate, and scenarios.

Reflex Sights

Reflex sights come in different forms. However, reflex sights are used for short to middle range targets that use a wide view sight. They also usually have a red dot in the center. Some sights, such as red dot sights and holographic sights are considered a reflex sight. Reflex sights are usually used by law enforcement and the military. These sights help the shooter gain a relatively accurate shot very quickly. Most reflex sights have three settings: one for day time, one for level of brightness, and the third for night vision or nighttime shooting. Depending on the model of reflex sight, the night vision setting is an attachment one mounts behind the reflex sight.

Laser Sights

Laser sights are a device that is mounted underneath the muzzle of the firearm. Much like a laser pointer, the red or green dot is settled on the spot where the bullet will go. Laser sights are only recommended for the newer shooter who is still working on their sight alignment. However, they can restrict the shooter’s progress since they rely on the laser sight too much. For those using the firearm for home defense and don’t have a good aim yet, then use a laser sight. However, when practicing on the range be sure to use your iron sight.

Custom Portable, Modular Shooting Ranges Made in the USA

Shooting Range Industries was glad to share the basic introduction to the different types of sights used for firearms. If you’re new to firearms and want to improve your aim with a different type of sight or you want to learn how to use all the different kinds of sights, these are some of the best kinds of firearm sights to start with. Contact us to for more information about your own custom shooting range to practice all your sights!