Types of Shooting Range Designs; Indoor, Outdoor, Air & Miniature Rifle, Shotgun & More

There are a number of different types of ranges that serve slightly different purposes, with the ending result being to perfect the shooter’s skills. Along with the different types of ranges, come different types of shooting sports and companions. Shooting Range Industries will share the different types of ranges and the different sports or shooting participants or disciplines they cater to.

Indoor Shooting Ranges

Indoor ranges are designed with the short range weapons in mind. However, there are some that cater to long range shots as well. Indoor ranges need a well designed ventilation system so the lead particles and gas from the bullets are pulled away to prevent lead poisoning. Another essential part of an indoor gun range is well designed bullet traps. Unlike outdoor ranges that may use a back, bank of dirt or sand, indoor ranges must rely on a bullet trapping system. Nonetheless, there are a lot of elements that go into indoor ranges. Most people know them for their controlled environment, automated targeting systems, and ease of use.

Outdoor Shooting Ranges

Outdoor ranges are typically located on the outskirts of towns and cities. They typically provide a wider range selection. They will have short range to long range options to skits or clay ranges. When law enforcement or military need long shooting training they will usually use outdoor ranges. Most outdoor ranges will use dirt mounds, sand bags or other bullet trap like systems. Many ranges will eventually recover the bullets trapped in the sand or dirt and recycle them. However it’s a long process to remove the dirt and sift out the bullets.

Air Rifle Ranges

Air Rifle ranges are essentially an indoor range with certain specifications. Air rifle shooting is most popular as a companion sport and even held in the Olympics. Most air rifle ranges are between 30 feet to 80 feet with various elevation changes for the targets and of course, a pellet trap designed to capture the air rifle pellets.

Archery & Shotgun Ranges

Often found together, you will see archery and shotgun ranges outside. Archery ranges are often designed with a 3D concept which gives targets found in multiple directions. However there are a number of indoor archery ranges as well. Shotguns are usually outside and typically for the clay shooting. Both shotgun and archery are companion sports and are also events held at the Olympics.

Miniature Rifle Ranges

Small-bore rifles, such as the .22 caliber rifle, is another Olympic sport and sometimes require special ranges or fixed targets that are about 165 feet away. In America they are known as Miniature Rifle Ranges. Then there are the full-bore ranges that are meant for larger caliber weapons that range in size. Full-bore ranges are most often used by the military. Similar to outdoor ranges, these full-bore ranges have targets at the distance of 330 feet to 6,000 feet. Full-bore ranges are often used to train snipers or long rifle men.

Custom Modular Shooting Ranges for Practice & Training

Shooting Range Industries is dedicated in building and designing law enforcement and military ranges. For those who need a range built to help enhance our service men’s skills, contact Shooting Range Industries today.