Common Causes of Shooting Left or Right of Target; Poor Trigger Control, Flinching when Firing Gun & More

When you are shooting at a range you want to make sure you are making improvements. Some people go out to shoot to have some fun and try out their newest addition. They also might be there to bring out a first time shooter. No matter why you are there it is a good idea to make sure that you are attempting to bet better. You want to make changes to what you are doing so that you are on target. When you continue to make the same mistakes over and over again you are gaining muscle memory that will make it harder to make the corrections. When you recognize that you are making these mistakes you want to correct. There are a few very common mistakes that are made when people go out target shooting. Shooting Range Industries outlines what common mistakes you may be making when target shooting.

Trigger Control Target

When you are shooting and trying to better your accuracy you want to make sure you keep a consistent trigger control. The way that you place your finger on the trigger should be the same every time. If you are getting most of your shots on point then a few seem to go off kilter it can be due to trigger control. You want to make sure that you are not using the tip of the finger or that you are not pushing your finger too far in either. Once you have the right placement you want to make sure that you always have a smooth and even trigger pull back. If you tug too fast on the trigger it will send your bullet flying but not where you think it should land. Practice a smooth trigger pull with your finger in the right position is a great way to correct that issue.

Stop Flinching when Shooting

There are some people that have a good stance, trigger pull, and site when they are ready to shoot. Once they pull the trigger the reaction is to flinch for some. There are also people that flinch that are anticipating the firing of the weapon. When you do that you pull the barrel down and that will land all your shots below the bullseye. You want to practice with dry firing to get used to the normal process of shooting. Then ensure that you have good ear coverage and practice a lot. When you are more comfortable you will stop flinching.

Following Through when Shooting Target

One of the first things you are taught in sports whether you are kicking a ball, throwing or batting you are told to follow through. This is the same when it comes to shooting. You want to make sure you have follow through and the way you can do that is to continue your trigger pull. Some people release the trigger when the firing happens. This is not following through. To follow through with the shot you want to keep the gun steady and pull the trigger with the same fluid motion all the way back to the back of the gun then you can release. This will correct your follow through and give you better targeting.

Custom Portable Shooting Ranges

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