Difference Between a Single or Double Stack Magazine? Concealing, Binding, Recoil, Weight, Amount of Ammunition, Ease of Shooting & More

When choosing the right handgun for you, you need to decide if you want to have a single stack or double stack magazine. It all comes down to personal preference in what you are looking for in your handgun. Shooting Range Industries is here to talk about some benefits to both of them.

Difference Between a Single Stack and Double Stack Magazine

There is a definite difference between single stack and double stack magazines and which one you choose will most likely depend on the way you use your gun. There are several different situations and they require different tools to solve. In simple terms, a single stack magazine stacks the ammunition in single file. A double stack magazine will stagger the ammunition into two offset stacks.

Pros of a Single Stack Magazine

One of the biggest pros to using a single stack magazine is the slimmer design. If you have smaller hands, you may want to consider how the single stack will feel in your hand. It is tempting to choose a double stack for the mere fact that there is more ammunition in the magazine, but when you have smaller hands, you need to consider what feels good in your grip. Also, you can count on a single stack magazine not binding like a double stack will. There aren’t bullets touching each other on all sides like in a double stack magazine and therefore, a smaller chance of binding. You also won’t have to pack around as much weight when you have a single stack. When you are dealing with less ammunition, you will have the benefit of less weight. When you combine all of these things, you might find that the single stack magazine makes your handgun easier to conceal. Especially during warm months when you aren’t wearing several layers of clothing.

Pros of a Double Stack Magazine

In a lot of ways, the pros to carrying a double stack magazine are the exact opposite of the pros to carrying a single stack. When you have a double stack, you will find it is a thicker fit. Again, it is important that the gun feel good in your hands, and you might find that you are looking for a thicker fit that the double magazine offers. The gun will also be heavier which might be exactly what you are looking for. When a gun is heavier, it recoils less. The other obvious advantage to a double stack magazine is the added ammunition. When you have a double stack, you can count on about 13 round where with a single stack 6-8 is what you will get. Some people prefer to have more rounds and find comfort in that.

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So obviously, it depends on your personal preference when choosing to go with the single or double stack magazine. The single is easier to conceal since it is smaller, but if you draw your weapon often, you don’t want to be the one to run out of ammo first.