First Time at Shooting Range? Proper Indoor & Outdoor Gun Range Etiquette & Rules for Beginners

Many new gun owners will want to brush up their skills when handling a new firearm. This isn’t only fun but is essential to gun ownership. You must know how your firearm functions and what it feels like when fired. You never want to use your firearm for protection and not know what to expect first. You must know how to handle the recoil and regain your aim. You may wonder where to go to practice and learn the ins and outs of your gun. The firing range is a good place to go for that. It can be intimidating the first time. There are rules and etiquette involved when attending a range. Where weapons may vary from range to range, the etiquette is pretty much the same. Shooting Range Industries will cover the etiquette when visiting a gun range.

Shooting Range Etiquette & Gun Rules

1. It is proper to have your gun in a gun case of some type. You never want to walk in with a naked gun. This makes the staff uneasy. When yours is in the case, keep it unloaded and without a clip or round inside your firearm. It’s even better if you have your ammo stored in a separate pouch or case.
2. Bring proper safety gear. At the very least, bring eyes and ear protection. If you’ve never fired a gun before you may think gunfire is like what you see in the movies. It is not. It’s loud and can damage your ear drums. Hearing loss is quite common when you do not use proper ear protection. Eyesight can be ruined in an instant with a catastrophic firearm failure. Always come with safety gear.
3. Make sure you read the rules of the gun range you are attending. Again each varies and you will want to go in knowing their rules and once there, follow them. Review and understand any and all “range specific” rules, requirements, and expectations that are set by your range. Also see what the range’s maximum rate of fire is. Are you allowed to collect your brass? Is there a test to take before you can shoot? Don’t be afraid to ask the staff questions or tell them it’s your first time. They’re there to help you.
4. Follow the range officer. Range officers are the first and often only authority on any range. More often than not, their decisions are final. They are made to ensure safety or to protect range assets. Arguing or debating with a range officer is both in poor taste and may just get you thrown out depending on circumstances. Most places may even call a range officer the range master, so don’t get confused. Be aware what to do in the case of a cease fire. The Range Officer calls this out and when you hear it, put the gun down (pointing down range) and step back from the lane until the range officer tells you otherwise.
5. Usually you will have your own lane to fire. It is really poor taste to bother the people next to you during firing. It’s ok to make small talk in between, but not during firing. This can distract the other participants from the attention of the Range Officer. Also don’t touch other people’s firearms or equipment without asking.
6. Make sure you clean up after yourself. Make sure you take down your target, clean up your trash, and pick up anything you brought in. Return any equipment that you may have used.
7. Know the Three Gun Safety Basics.
• ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
• ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
• ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

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Shooting Range Industries wants every gun owner to practice using their firearm and not feel intimidated doing it. Gun ranges are a place to become more familiar with your firearm and learn how to properly handle it. Always take the time to practice shooting the firearm that is meant to protect you or your family. We at Shooting Ranges Industries hope this was of benefit for those who go to the range for the first time. Contact us to learn more about your own modular custom shooting range!