How Often Should You Practice Shooting Your Gun at the Range to Maintain Firearm Skills?

Shooting is a perishable skill; if you don’t use it, you lose it. There is a reason why law enforcement and military personnel are required to go to the range. Many carriers do not know how often they should go to the range to continuing honing their skills. The concise answer, is as often as you can. Most people can’t dedicate all their free time to the range, however, a person should practice their shooting skills frequently enough to maintain their skills at the very least; but the more you go the better you will get. If you are carrying concealed on a regular basis, you need to have a certain degree of competence and the only way to get there is by spending time on the shooting range. The law enforcement and military personnel are required to qualify with their firearms and to requalify every so often. As a result, they are constantly practicing on the range and everyone who carries should follow that example.

Practice Shooting to Maintain Skills & Not Fall into a Slump

Ultimately, anyone who carries a gun should demonstrate they can hit a target with accuracy and that takes practice. Whether if it is a requirement for a CCW, some states require it, or not, the carrier should at least prove to themselves they are capable. As mentioned, people should go to the range as frequently as possible. It is subjective what is reasonably possible, some people have the time and passion to go once or twice a month, where others feel once every few months is sufficient. What people have to consider is that shooting skills can deteriorate if they are not being used, just like with most skills. Much like athletes conditioning their bodies and practicing their skill set, the shooter who carries should likewise practice on the range on a routine basis.

Practice Hitting Target at the Shooting Range

Hitting the target consistently is the first place begin. Start with 10 feet, then increase it 20 feet, and 30 feet. After you are accurate with hitting the target, narrow the field by honing the skills by grouping the shots and aiming in the the center of the target. Again, start at 10 feet and eventually 30 feet. Once the skills are clearly heightened, moving targets such as skeet shooting and so on are next to master.

Dry Fire Drills

Spending time on the shooting range is ultimately up to the shooter and how much dedication you are willing to invest in. There are additional skills you can improve on from home as well if you can’t make the range. Dry firing and using a replica of the firearm you use at home can also improve your skills. Practicing your stance,
drawing your weapon (how you intend to carry it), aiming, and so forth without live ammo will also contribute to your overall skill set.

Custom Shooting Range Design & Build

With the many different aspects to shooting, you can never train and practice too much. Hit the shooting range as often as you can and apply safety and fundamentals every time to perfect your skills. Contact Shooting Range Industries to learn more about hiring us to design and build you a shooting range on your property to make practice and training really convenient!