How to Improve Handgun Shooting Accuracy & Become a Better Shot with a Pistol

Law enforcement, military, and security officials are not the only ones who can benefit from improving their aim when shooting a pistol. Those who chose to carry concealed, indulge in handgun related competitions and other hobbies can as well. Having a well placed aim is ideal no matter what application you use it for. With that in mind, we at

Handgun Shooting Accuracy Tips for Beginners

  1. Dry Firing. A common myth that people believe is true, is that the only way to improve your skills is to use live firing techniques and practices. The fact is where this will contribute to the goal, keeping your gun empty and dry firing while practicing good form and shooting skills is extremely beneficial. Being that ammo isn’t inexpensive, practicing dry firing will save costs while affording you the opportunity to improve your skills. When practicing dry firing there is no recoil, like when live firing occurs. Without the recoil you can determine that you are performing good posture and form while shooting. Additionally, you can be reacquainted with the feel for your weapon if there isn’t the distraction of the light and sound when live ammunition is being used. Allowing you the opportunity to improve accuracy, dry firing can help you hone in balancing the gun properly and hold it as still as possible during your technique.
  2. Accessorize with Laser Sights. Invest in a laser sight that will let you know where you are aiming while dry firing; as you feel your hands alignment.
  3. Muscle Memory. For an effective method in improving aim, muscle memory is optimal. To help keep live firing more affordable, consider obtaining handguns that fire .22. This will help you have the luxury of practicing your hand drills over and over again to gain the muscle memory.
  4. Avoid Pulling the Trigger. To those who squeeze the trigger as opposed to pulling it can dramatically see better accuracy. There is a fine line between squeezing and pulling and understanding the distinction will help.
  5. Avoid Common Mistakes. Common mistakes that hinder proper aiming include:
    – Improper placement of the trigger finger.
    – Tightening grip at trigger pull.
    – Tightening fingers.
    – Thumbing.
    – Anticipating the recoil that causes a push.
    – Jerking.
    – Heeling; due to anticipating recoil.
    – Drooping of the head.
    – Breaking wrist up.

How to Shoot a Pistol Better

Practice the below tips to better your alignment:
– Ensuring the sights are level and absorbing the image will help you imprint your alignment. Don’t rush the shot, and squeeze the trigger when you believe the target, front sight, and rear sight are all properly aligned. Utilize a shooting range to practice nothing but your sight alignment to incorporate the muscle memory.
– Keep in mind that the distance between the front sight and both sides of the rear sight also needs to be in alignment.
– Additionally, take note as the top front of your sight needs to be level with top of the rear sight.

Custom Container Shooting Range Design Manufacturer

When focusing on your aiming skills, don’t neglect practicing the safety protocols and remember to not get frustrated and stay calm and relaxed while practicing to reach your goals. Shooting Range Industries offers custom portable shooting ranges for your firearms practice, training and convenience.