Importance of Being Aware of Your Surroundings for Safety; Don’t Have Tunnel Vision!

It seems that if you turn on the news you are sure to see a situation that has arisen where someone has been injured or attacked. These situations cannot always be stopped before the moment it occurs and that is why it is crucial to know what you can do. If you are able to defend yourself and those around you could save lives. There are several things that you need to be ready for and one of them is know how to use your firearm. This is the first step in defense and the surest way to stop an imminent threat. Then you should be trained and receive your CCW. That way you will be ready no matter where you are either in your home or out in public. Although these steps are important if you are not staying aware of your surroundings in you may be too late to help those around you and even yourself. There are some great tips that you can use to stay focused and alert while out and about.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Ways That Law Enforcement Use to Stay Aware Mentally

  • Don’t Have Tunnel Vision: How often do you walk out of the store looking into your phone or stumbling to find your keys? We are all guilty of being distracted when walking and driving around. This is a sure fire way to miss a subtle or even an obvious problem. When you are stuck in your own world this is what is called tunnel vision. You are not looking around at the things that are surrounding you and instead just in front of your face. Before you walk out of the store or leave your home you want to be sure you have everything ready. Then you can use all five senses to assess your surroundings. Listen for sounds that are not normal. Look for suspicious people and situations that you may want to avoid. Smells can help you know if there is trouble that may not be right in your line of sight. Touch is a good one to be aware of if someone tries to go hands on.
  • Know Your Tendencies: It seems that people are quick to act and not assess what the situation is. Often times it is best to reduce the stress of a situation rather than accelerate it. You want to know what gets you into tunnel vision and avoid these circumstance. You know that you grab your phone at stop lights or you stop paying attention to your surroundings while talking to someone. If you know that you stop being aware in these situations understand them and know that you will avoid them so you can stay aware and safe.
  • Be Prepared: If you are in a situation that you can avoid a confrontation, it is often best to do so. However, there are times that avoiding is not an option so you may need to engage. Being prepared means knowing what action is appropriate and necessary. This may mean using your firearm so be sure that you have stayed up on your training. Practice makes perfect so time at the range is a great way to stay sharp.