ACME machine gun added to MILO Range Simulators


ACME Worldwide Enterprises’ Replica M2 .50 Cal, Gun Active Recoil (GAR®) weapon systems trainers are on their way to select U.S. Pacific Air Force sites. The heavy machinegun trainers are included as an element in the MILO Range Theater Systems recently procured by the U.S. Pacific Air Forces (PACAF).

MILO Range Training Systems added ACME’s M2ACME’s M2 machine gun trainers to provide PACAF defenders ultra-realistic training for the .50 caliber weapon. The new systems provide complete gunner training including loading, arming, firing and more. The M2’s work within the MILO Range environment lets gunners engage targets and instructors to evaluate gunner effectiveness; insertable malfunctions will challenge gunners to overcome weapon jams, misfires, runaways, cook-off and sluggish fire.

The replica weapon systems combine realistic replicas, a full sensor suite and software logic, and full-force recoil that ensures gunners adapt to the full recoil force to keep the weapon on target. And it’s real gunner training in the office, not at the range.

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