Sheppard Profile: MILO training

Sheppard Profile: MILO training

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – The Security Forces Airmen at Sheppard Air Force Base undergo a high tech training that not only helps them to protect the base but helps prepare them for deployment.

The training is called MILO and for nearly two decades it has served thousands of military agencies and public safety agencies. The MILO program was founded in Colorado in 1994 and introduced the first all-digital video training simulator in 1995. It allows the on-base police officers at Sheppard Air Force Base to be prepared for whatever scenarios come there way.

“We are actually able to take out actual duty weapons put somebody in a real life environment inside of a simulator and they get familiarization with there weapons they also get put through shoot no shoot situations where you are actually pulling the trigger on your gun instead of having a fake gun,” 82nd Security Forces Unit Trainer SSgt. Thomas Cruse said.

Unit Scheduler SrA Janine Casey said this simulation training not only helps with on-base duties but also when you are deployed.

“When I got back from deployment and actually went through the simulator it made me more confident. You are not just looking through one screen, we are looking all over the place making sure we’re aware of our surroundings,” SrA. Casey said.

SrA. Casey said the simulator is very important.

“If you are not confident and you are not aware of what’s going on and somebody runs the gate or somebody has a weapon on base and you don’t push that barrier everybody on base is in danger,” SrA. Casey said.

With this training, according to SSgt. Cruse and SrA. Casey, the people who protect the base are confident that if the time comes, they’ll be ready.

MILO is the first simulator to offer full touch screen operation in 2009 and last year introduced the first authentic wireless haptic feedback distraction device to replicate stress and physiological related challenges.


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