Defenders Train Against Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The MILO Range Training Simulator used by Security Forces at 50+ Air Force bases has a unique Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) feature. The MILO “UAS Takedown” skill­ builder allows Defenders to train to proficiency without the need for ammunition, and without being limited by flight line restrictions.

Defenders can use their own shotgun with a MILO laser insert to simulate SKYNET™ shots (the net deployed via shotgun shell), and the system responds with an accurate depiction of the net-entangled drone tumbling to the ground. This feature, available on all MILO Range systems was developed in conjunction with Global Strike Command for their MILO Range theaters to simulate accurate  SKYNET™ ballistics’ realistic  UAS flight patterns and behaviors,  with an instructor-controlled backdrop of various locations and environmental conditions.

Maj Jeffrey Beene, Director of Operations, 2 SFS explained the full value such a robust simulator brings to an SF Squadron. “While nothing can totally replace firing live rounds, the MILO Range offers us the capability to train marksmanship and gun fighting skills with high fidelity realism in ways that we cannot safely perform on the firing line. From offering moving targets across a 180-degree field of view, to the incorporation of multiple shooters side by side, to even getting our military working dogs reacting while their handler is engaging targets, we are able to train, evaluate, and debrief Defenders on the application of their skills without the time and resource  expenditures it takes firing live rounds.  Additionally,  our training team has effectively incorporated the MILO for Use of Force scenarios that advance beyond the stereotypical “shoot/no shoot” choices; instead, they can really drive home the principle of de-escalation of force across the spectrum, encouraging the use of verbal interactions to resolve problems before having to resort to less lethal options or deadly force application.”

Training simulators have continued to evolve far beyond what many of us recall just 10-15 years ago. While not yet as advanced as the Star Trek Holodeck ‘ they are maturing at a rapid pace and delivering customizable, safe and realistic training options that allow today’s Defenders to hone their skill set.

Source: Security Forces Magazine, April-June 2019, Vol. 28 No. 2