Program at Ellsworth brings new type of training

Program at Ellsworth brings new type of training

It’s a program designed to keep Security Forces officers sharp and prepared for any situation.

“We can do all kinds of realistic scenarios, we can build our own scenarios so if we have a training topic that we want to do for that day or that week or that month, we can concentrate and build that training around the scenarios that we have in there,” says Tim Simmonds the lead law enforcement instructor with the 28th Security Forces Squadron.

The MILO program arrived on base 2 months ago, and officers get in the range at least 4 times a month.

For younger airmen, this is a great way to learn from higher ranking officers.

“This kind of gives them a chance to see what more experienced officers would do so if they run into these scenarios or these instances later on in life, they kind of know how to react,” says Simmonds.

The MILO range on base has 5 screens that display the scenario completely around the room, making the training feel more realistic.

“Once you get in there like you’ve seen, it is all-inclusive, you’re not thinking about hey I’m in a room. It immerses you in your senses so you feel like you’re actually right there in that moment,” says Simmonds.

The MILO range also can prepare officers for deployments. There’s visuals as if you’re on the streets or patrolling areas where there’s war for these troops.

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Article By: Meredith James |