MILO Announces Research Partnership with Kent State University

Arotech Corporation’s Training and Simulation Division (ATSD) announces a research and development partnership between MILO’s Cognitive Division and the Kent State University Electrophysiological Neuroscience Laboratory of Kent (ENLoK).

“ENLoK is generating path-breaking social science discoveries,” said Dr. Lisa Troyer, program manager, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory, “The team’s efforts are leading the use of immersive virtual reality and capabilities to identify neurological signals of influencers in groups that can support Army missions by better understanding Army influence networks as well as networks of adversarial groups.”

DEVCOM ARL recently funded the DURIP (instrumentation) award to Dr. Joshua Pollock and Dr. Will Kalkhof to enable the creation of an immersive virtual reality lab at the ENLoK that can be used in tandem with their other biophysiological technologies to continue to advance major breakthroughs in social dynamics. This funding initiated an idea for research that prompted them to contact MILO after completing a research project with a local police department where they used a MILO Range Pro training system.

“The simulator performed flawlessly, and it inspired us to connect with MILO to discuss mutual interests and possible collaborative projects aimed at taking modern police and military training to the next level,” said Dr. Will Kalkhoff, Executive Director of the ENLok and Professor in the KSU Sociology Department. “By conducting systematic, state-of-the-art research together, our shared ultimate goal is to enhance the efficacy of modern policing and make it safer for officers and citizens alike. We are honored to have formed a partnership with an industry leader in simulation training for public safety and military agencies.”

“Support of this kind of social research is exactly why we established the MILO Cognitive Division,” explained Robert McCue, MILO’s General Manager. “We’re thrilled to partner with ENLoK to learn more about how expanded MILO technology used for military training prepares their brains not only for reality, but for improved social interactions.”

“Kent State is well known for both their academic leadership and their resilience,” said Dr. Joy VerPlanck, MILO’s academic liaison. “It’s a great honor that they chose MILO as the most accurate and scalable tool for their advanced research needs in the military and law enforcement space.”