MILO Cognitive Partners with Behavioral Pattern Recognition Experts Arcadia Cognerati to Create the Hoberman Series

Arcadia Cognerati Combines its Renowned Human Behavior Pattern Recognition Methodology with MILO to Enhance Early Threat Recognition & Improve Decision-Making

Arcadia Cognerati is the world leader in developing cognitive training content, leveraging both Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis (HBPR&A) and an understanding of the limits of human performance. Combined with MILO’s deep technical knowledge and ability to create simulated training environments that are cognitively similar to real-life encounters, this strategic partnership creates a highly interactive, holistic training solution that combines live and virtual experiences within the cognitive domain. Arcadia Cognerati can now take its cognitive neuroscience-based approach to training and combine it with MILO to create an innovative, immersive, and complex learning environment.

Introducing the Hoberman Series

The new “Hoberman series” scenarios are designed to increase the critical thinking skills of any law enforcement officer, regardless of their experience level, so they can make better decisions, faster. Each Hoberman scenario is designed to be an intense cognitive engagement that places law enforcement officers into challenging but solvable situations. Rather than trying to exactly replicate specific law enforcement interactions that lead to a specific outcome, The Hoberman Series is designed to optimize numerous possible outcomes and interventions in order to produce a variety of novel and distinct critical thinking insights that each lead to an acceptable outcome or decision. As Arcadia Cognerati Founder Greg Williams explains, “This training is about learning how to make the right decision, at the right time, for the right reason.”

The Hoberman Series allows the training officer and trainee to acquire, interpret, store, and then use a set of specific, cognitively essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes. These essential skills can be used during any citizen contact, traffic stop, or encounter, no matter how novel or challenging the circumstances. “The Arcadia partnership is exciting because it provides trainers and trainees with a new way to use the simulator that promotes more dialog and critical thinking in the training room,” explained MILO’s Cognitive Division Manager Amanda Williams.

When used correctly, the Hoberman Series scenarios develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, aptitudes, and abilities that allow trained officers to make better, more informed decisions. Hoberman training reinforces good habits and safe, positive interactions. Officers learn to establish a culture of understanding and de-escalation by viewing what “right” looks like and the consequences of wrong choices. Hoberman instills an advanced critical thinking mindset that creates and fosters a legal, moral, & ethical decision-making framework and lays out a set of psychological de-escalation techniques that provide public safety professionals with “the gift of time and distance.”

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Click Here to watch a video explaining the concept behind the Hoberman Series.