Former Advisors

Honoring our "Friends of MILO"

MILO proudly acknowledges our former advisory board members. We are grateful for their significant contributions and guidance. We honor their legacy as integral contributors to our mission.


Dr. Todd Castleberry

Dr. Castleberry is an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, emphasizing exercise physiology at Louisiana Tech University. His current studies investigate blood pressure responses to different apparatus in police officers, motivation to exercise within law enforcement, and improving general health in law enforcement officers. His most recent studies have begun utilizing MILO Range simulations to improve law enforcement responses that include eye training, stress responses, voice tone, and other cognitive measures. Dr. Castleberry has been a member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and  American Physiological Society (APS). Furthermore, he serves on the Diversity Action Network Committee through ACSM to promote diversity and equity for other members and to encourage Fellowship status for minorities. He is also involved with the ACSM Minority Health and Interest Group.


Sheriff Jerry Clayton

Sheriff Clayton is a 30-year police services veteran, currently serving his fourth term as the Sheriff of Washtenaw County, Michigan, and is known nationally for his vision and pursuit of policing and justice reforms as well as his delivery of training on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice, the American Civil Liberties Union, and his work to promote improved response to mental health needs in the community. He serves on the National Police Foundation-Council on Police Reform and Race and Governor Whitmer’s Black Leadership Council. His expertise in cultural diversity, bias-free policing, and police reform informs content and curriculum.


Mr. Thomas Guynes

Mr. Guynes is an Instructor at Chalogianis Consulting, where he teaches community engagement, safety tactics, home safety planning, and emergency response in the public and private sectors. With a background in kinesiology and executive protection, he is able to provide valuable insight and safety strategies to individuals and families in a variety of intense situations, with inclusivity and respect for diverse belief systems. Additionally, Mr. Guynes is a former professional athlete with the National Football League and frequently engages in volunteer service efforts to engage his community in efforts that support a healthy relationship with law enforcement. His experience as a Deputy Sheriff, School Resource Officer, and instructor informs curriculum and scenario development.


Chief Larry Klaus

Chief Klaus is the Central Michigan University Chief of Police with over thirty-five years of experience in Public Safety, Incident Command, Law Enforcement, Special Events, Security Details, and Homeland Security. He has a strong Community Policing background as a former member of the Lansing Michigan Police Department Community Policing Cadre under the direction of Dr. Robert Trojanowicz, Michigan State University (1991 – 1994), and a demonstrated history of working in higher education and municipal policing. His expertise as a pioneer in community-oriented policing in high crime and diverse municipal populations informs content and curriculum.


Dr. Noël Lipana

Dr. Lipana is President of the DJD Art Foundation, which uses performing arts to educate communities about moral injury and trauma. He works daily to create local prevention frameworks among community-based organizations, mental health providers, educators, and all levels of government to prevent targeted violence. Throughout his twenty-year career, he has served in various Air Force and Army units, including time in Afghanistan as a counter-IED specialist, and the Disabled American Veterans – California Chapter named him their 2020 Veteran of the Year. His Doctorate in Social Work with specific expertise in Moral Injury, PTSD, & and Anti-Terrorism helps inform content and presentations.


Ms. Yael Swerdlow

Yael is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Maestro Games SPC and co-founder of the Women’s Empowerment Foundation. Yael’s 20-year photojournalist career had her shooting in war zones including Rwanda, Somalia, and Southern Sudan, as well as domestically for United Press International, the Associated Press, and the Los Angeles Times, where she was a part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning teams for the LA Riots in 1992 and the Northridge Earthquake of 1994. Her expertise in public diplomacy, social purpose, and empowerment of marginalized populations helps inform content and outreach programs.