MILO Cognitive

“Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives” – Robust Products and Services for a Holistic Training Program

MILO Cognitive offers a broad range of advanced learning solutions, including curriculum, custom content, and partnerships to expand your training program and keep you on the cutting edge of research and regulatory guidance. Our team is continuously working to improve training capabilities with evidence-based offerings. You can be sure you are investing in a state-of-the-art solution that will stay ahead of requirements and perfectly fit your needs for years to come.

With MILO Cognitive, your comprehensive training program will target specific training objectives with applied science solutions. Overcome training challenges with advanced integrated products and services from a team of researchers, master practitioners, and best-in-class partners.

MILO Cognitive Partners

MILO Cognitive partners with academic researchers, nonprofits, and other organizations to address complex challenges facing our industry. Their ideas, objectives, research, and products are helping us elevate training to unprecedented heights.

MILO Community Outreach

The MILO Cognitive division designs and facilitates opportunities for agencies to bridge gaps with communities and nonprofits in their areas, address challenges facing our industry, and assist with their social purpose efforts. Agencies often miss out on opportunities to connect with their communities in positive and meaningful ways, and MILO is here to help.

MILO Advisory Board

To ensure that we remain connected to relevant points in the sectors we serve—we have assembled a limited but comprehensive board of highly competent and trusted advisors to ensure we have current information from significant sectors when considering new content, curriculum, partnerships, or other product offerings.

IADLEST Certified Training Curriculum

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