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Take Range Days to the Next Level

Take Range Days to the Next Level with MILO Live and Virtual Solutions. MILO systems provide the ultimate experience for training and entertainment. From turnkey to custom, MILO offers both simulation and shooting ranges for the Comfort of Your Home.


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MILO LIVE Ready Range Overview

MILO LIVE Ready Range Overview

Modular Ranges

Experience safety and convenience with our turn-key modular ranges—featuring two lanes complete with electrical, lighting, HVAC, and range equipment. Upgrade your range with integrated weapons storage vaults, wireless target retrieval systems, and more.

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In-Home Ranges

Our custom in-home ranges, provide convenience and privacy and are built to meet your needs and the safety features required to ensure a secure shooting environment. Our ranges are tailored to fit your space, from a basic static configuration to a tactical range, allowing for movement inside while shooting.


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Virtual Ranges

Enhance your shooting skills with our virtual training simulators, whether you’re refining tactical skills, perfecting marksmanship, preparing for concealed carry, or target practice.

MILO’s immersive training system can be as simple as a single-screen simulator with basic IR-laser-fitted training weapons, or as complex as a fully immersive 300-degree motion-tracking surround “theater.”

Every MILO system includes both skill-focused modes (with a variety of “firing range” and CGI live-action exercises) and customizable interactive video role-play scenarios. All systems support multiple trainees with multiple weapons. Skill-focused modes include real-time shot feedback and analysis, both static and moving targets and over 60 exercises. HD video scenarios offer full emotional immersion with branching decisions. Any system can be upgraded with firearm recoil kits, live-fire/laser options, shootback systems, and more.

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Learn more about MILO Range Live Fire

The MILO Range Live Fire system enables use of live fire ammunition rounds with interactive HD video scenarios, Virtual Graphics targetry, and multi-lane marksmanship training solutions. MILO Range Live Fire adds software capabilities, shot detection hardware, and a custom state-of-the-art Live Fire screen that allows you to maximize your training for real world experience by using live ammunition.

MILO Range Live Fire