Michigan Medicine DPSS Training Program

Michigan Medicine DPSS Training Program

Recognizing that 75% of all workplace violence incidents occur in healthcare settings emphasizes the importance of implementing comprehensive training programs, exemplified by the one offered by Michigan Medicine DPSS.

Discover how Michigan Medicine DPSS, acknowledged as a healthcare security leader in patient and family-centered care, leverages the MILO simulator in their award-winning training program. Collaborating with nurse educators, they design, develop, and deliver training focusing on de-escalation, situational awareness, and body proxemics.

Michigan Medicine Security has been honored with prestigious awards such as the Lindberg Bell Award for demonstrated excellence by the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety and the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs), underlining their commitment to outstanding healthcare security practices.

Click to watch the video to witness how Michigan Medicine DPSS creates a diverse, inclusive, safe, and brave space for their security, guest services, and nursing staff to grow and train together.


OSHA reports that 75% of the approximately 25,000 workplace assaults occur in the health care industry each year.