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Resiliency Training

The Last Maestro enables officers to practice fostering resiliency by accessing and building upon their reservoir of emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual resilience through brief, powerful experiences eliciting a healing emotional response.  An immersive Virtual Reality visual engages the participant’s autonomic and somatic nervous systems, while gamification keeps the individual focused on the experience and reduces the chance that they will remain focused on their existing trauma and stress conditioners.

The end result is a comprehensive soldier and officer fitness—a resilient law enforcement professional who responds to interactions with empathy, resilience, and mindfulness, and experiences increased positive mental health with less chance for long- and short-term post-traumatic effects.

The Last Maestro Includes:

HTC VIVE Focus Plus Virtual Reality (VR) Headset and Two Hand Controllers

The Last Maestro™ Resilience Gaming Platform

24-month limited warranty for hardware and software

24-month access to The Last Maestro content library updates

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A  groundbreaking, research-based platform to train law enforcement agencies, police officers, and military personnel, in empathy and resilience through the power of immersive technology.

The Last Maestro