Filming Police Simulation Training Videos: Choosing A Camera

Filming Police Simulation Training Videos: Choosing A Camera

When you start looking at the possibilities of making your own immersive police training videos, it’s easy to get fixated on the technology–especially cameras.  That’s not really necessary. There are major motion pictures shot entirely on iPhones–and absolutely awful movies filmed with the very best equipment money can buy.

Sure, it’s great to have RED Digital Cinema and 360° professional-grade video cameras, with quality lenses, filters, a professional lighting packages, a full arsenal of clip-on and boom mics–and the crew to handle it all.  (In fact, that’s a rundown of what our MILO Studios  professional production team uses on every shoot.) But you don’t absolutely have to have all that. Most high-definition “prosumer” cameras are quite affordable and perfectly suitable for making a basic training scenario. 

The Right Equipment–and the Right Preparation

Look for an HD or 4K camera that can either easily connect to the computers you have, or which uses SD cards to store video. One additional camera feature that often proves handy: The ability to accept an external microphone.  That way, should you eventually find yourself in a situation where the camera’s built-in mic is insufficient, you can switch to a more sensitive microphone.  

That said, it’s a waste to spend even a modest sum on a good camera and mic if you’re only going to capture a bad performance of a poorly planned idea.  What really makes or breaks a high-impact immersive training video is largely a matter of what you do before you pick up the camera.  And good planning won’t cost you a dime.  

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