MILO’s Modular Shooting Range

Source: Griffith, D. (2023, May 24). MILO’s Modular Shooting Range. Police Magazine.


Known for its training simulators, MILO is now building and delivering turnkey live-fire shooting range systems that can be set up in a parking lot.

One of the greatest infrastructure challenges faced by law enforcement agencies is providing a place for their officers to practice with their firearms. Building a shooting range or even maintaining an existing one is difficult and expensive, as agencies must follow federal, state, and local regulations regarding lead contamination, noise, and other issues. There is also the “not in my backyard” (NIMBY) factor, which has pushed many municipal and county ranges far away from residential areas.

The result is that officers and deputies often have to drive long distances to find a place to shoot, or they have to beg, borrow, and steal range time at another agency’s facilities. Some officers have no choice but to use commercial ranges. The time involved in driving to ranges often reduces the time that officers can train and it is a disincentive to training. Worse, the ranges available to the agency may not give instructors a suitable venue for working with a recruit or with in-service officers.

At the last two SHOT Shows in Las Vegas, MILO set up multiple Ready Range systems on the patio at Caesar's Palace.


MILO is now offering an interesting solution to the problem of disappearing law enforcement training ranges. The MILO Ready Range is a modular live fire shooting range that agencies can set up anywhere they have space available at a fraction of the cost of building a traditional range.

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Article by: David Griffith, Police Magazine