MILO Live, formerly Shooting Range Industries, LLC “SRI” is a global provider of state-of-the-art shooting range & live-fire training systems & solutions. Our expertise in shooting range design combined with our innovative shooting range equipment & accessories meets the growing demands for today’s shooting range industry.

We have the creativity, drive, and background to develop innovative new custom firearms training products with the latest technology, tailored to specific customer demand and needs. Further, we have the experience to properly apply the latest technology to solve today’s training problems, with tireless dedication to providing the best ongoing service and support.

We have earned a reputation for providing firearms training solutions that are unsurpassed in quality, ballistic performance, and safety. We are proud to design and build innovative shooting products and environments for law enforcement, military organizations, home, and commercial range owners.

All Fabrication is Done in House

All Range Components are fabricated in-house by our professional metal fabricators and engineered with specialty metals and techniques that allow us to maintain the highest level of quality in all our products and components. All our materials are certified by an independent laboratory and designed to meet the toughest standards for value and long term durability.

We have an extensive background in metal fabrication, HVAC design, and installation. We were the first manufacturers of range equipment to have an in-house HVAC company as part of our service. With over 5000 systems installed and over 350 range systems designed, we lead the industry in indoor shooting range HVAC systems. We are the original innovators of true modular range systems that have now become an equal option to standard ranges for live-fire training.

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