Environmentally-Conscious Solutions

Products and Services for an Environmentally Conscious Training Program

MILO is committed to caring for the environment in incremental, environmentally-conscious ways. Whether using simulation or live-fire options, MILO training solutions are energy-efficient, sustainable, and focused on minimizing harmful impacts on the environment and our communities.

MILO has the products, creativity, drive, and background to develop and support innovative training products with the latest technology, tailored to specific customer demands and needs. If your agency needs training in simulation, MILO Virtual provides hundreds of complex dynamic video training scenarios, graphics-based firearms skill-builder drills, and industry-leading tactical training features. If your situation calls for training with live-fire options, MILO can design the range and provide the firearm training equipment. MILO training solutions can meet your agency’s green goals while providing state-of-the-art options to meet your training needs.



Reduce, Repurpose, and Recycle

MILO can help your agency reduce your carbon footprint while protecting your community. MILO training solutions — whether simulation-based or live-fire — will reduce your need to travel to training and shooting ranges, reduce the environmental impact of training, and exceed OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA regulations, all while providing your officers and your community with the highest level of training available.

MILO Simulation Training Solutions

MILO Range simulators provide a safe and realistic alternative to live-fire training while reducing the need for ammunition, which can be expensive and environmentally harmful.

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of training by traveling less to training facilities and ranges
  • Reduce shipping costs and the environmental impacts of shipping
  • Improve officer safety in a safe and controlled environment
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Live-Fire Training Solutions

Our modular ranges are made from recycled shipping containers, reducing the need for new construction while using repurposed materials.

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of training by having a range at your own facility
  • Comply with OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA regulations for air quality standards
  • Reduce power consumption and environmental toxicity with LED lights


Air Handling and HVAC are key elements of shooting range lead cleanup. Firing bullets creates lead dust on hands, clothes, and surfaces. The proper Air Handling solution can substantially mitigate dust and particulates, significantly reducing potential exposure.


Our bullet traps and banks safely collect and store all bullets fired downrange, allowing for the safe removal and disposal of all lead and other debris without human contact or environmental damage.

  • Reduce noise pollution, prevent ricochets, and keep ranges clean and safe
  • Safely capture, recycle, and dispose of lead and other debris without human contact or ground contamination with bullet banks
  • Lead mitigation is built into the bullet bank system, and recycling takes just minutes
  • Preserve the recovered metal’s maximum recycling value


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