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Military Marksmanship Training

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Using MILO Range Simulators and Live-Fire Solutions for Military Marksmanship Training

For marksmanship training in simulation and Live-Fire—from novice to expert—military personnel can train the way they fight with the ultimate in marksmanship realism. Virtual and live-fire solutions provide tactical firearm training that is adaptive, realistic, and effective.


Virtual and Live Solutions

MILO Virtual and Live solutions enable the military to train or qualify with their own weapons, from less-than-lethal to crew-served weapons, and everything in between. MILO firing range provides true representational fidelity with high-definition targets, weather conditions, night fire, and ballistics with laser precision.

Virtual Solutions

MILO’s marksmanship simulator conversion systems and drop-in recoil kits allow trainees to experience the full range of options to train for every situation in their actual military-issued gear. Pistol, shotgun, rifle, and machine-gun training can all be accomplished in simulation. Training for weapon malfunctions and high-skates drills occurs in a low-stakes setting, without having to travel to a shooting range, secure safety officers or range personnel, and purchase expensive training ammunition.


MILO’s firing range program is preloaded with US Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, Space Force, Army, and federal qualification courses. Build skills proficiency with LEWTAQ and custom courses of fire. Custom marksmanship training can be programmed with the industry’s most user-friendly interface. MILO’s firing range customizable program is an integral component of every model simulator and includes system manuals and our best-in-class 24/7 customer support technicians. MILO simulation targets can also be converted to live fire with a simple setting in the software. Using MILO in laser mode on self-healing screens with infrared cameras easily converts the simulator to a live shooting simulator, able to send live rounds down range with the click of a mouse.



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Live Solutions

MCSATS, a MILO product formerly from Shooting Range Industries, is the solution to meet and exceed all Military Live Fire Training requirements. MCSATS is an engineered, modular, 100% ballistic enclosed live fire trainer. The MCSATS system is complete with roofing, insulation, all access doors, electrical, HVAC, filtration, and metal siding in 20 different colors. Inside, the MCSATS comes complete with 1 or 2 shooting lanes, shooting stalls, target retrieval systems, bullet traps, and lighting. The MCSATS can also be configured to a wide-open layout with custom lane widths per customer requirements. All that is required is a location to set the unit and utility connection to hook up to the provided exterior electrical disconnect. These innovative Modular Trainer Sets can be ordered and delivered in a matter of months.

MCSATS can be placed almost anywhere with little site preparation. MCSATS is the unlimited, anytime, live-fire training solution.





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Military Marksmanship Training

We invest time in understanding your needs and policies up front, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate training solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate marksmanship training into your training procedures, and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your policies, challenges, and communities inevitably change over time.

We don’t just sell equipment; we partner with agencies and their instructors to develop an ideal tool for weapon proficiency, in any weapon and any environment.

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