MILO Range Selected by the US Army Military Police School to provide Escalation/De-Escalation Use of Force Simulators

Ann Arbor, MI – Oct 2016

FAAC Incorporated and MILO Range Training Systems announce that the US Army Military Police School (USAMPS) at Fort Leonard Wood has selected the MILO Range system to provide training in the application of the Use of Force and the escalation/de-escalation of crisis situations that require decisions about the application of force to resolve them. The system will be part of the Military Police Corps training curriculum and used by initial entry trainees, officers, and foreign students attending occupational and leadership schools. This type of simulation training technology has been available in the federal and municipal law enforcement community for years but has recently been getting greater attention from military leadership as the need for more realistic training in successfully resolving critical incidents with contemporary escalation/de-escalation of force tactics has been rising nationally.
“We’re pleased to have this award from the US Army Military Police School at Ft Leonard Wood and to provide systems that will help increase the training and readiness of our current and future Military Police officers and investigators,” said Robert McCue, General Manager of MILO Range Training Systems. “We have spent a significant amount of time and resources working with experts from large police and public safety agencies to develop scenarios and curriculum on current critical training issues in law enforcement, specifically encounters with mentally ill and emotionally disturbed individuals, that we believe will result in better situational awareness, confidence and better decision-making skills under stress to officers and investigators who use the MILO Range simulator” McCue noted.
A MILO Range force options simulator was set up at the expo for the 75th anniversary of the MP Regimental Association last month, where hundreds of MPs and CID agents got a chance to use the system. “Our system focuses on force-options, verbal commands and influence, crisis management and escalation/de-escalation of force, a natural fit for the MP mission,” said Joy Creasy, MILO’s Military and Federal Programs Manager. “Many of us at MILO Range Training Systems are military veterans, including myself and one currently serving as a Military Police officer, so we’re especially excited to be working with USAMPS to meet their training objectives.”
For more information about MILO Range Training Systems and our escalation of force training simulators, please visit our website at or call 1-800-344-1707.