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MILO Partnerships

MILO partners with academic researchers, nonprofits, and other organizations to address complex challenges facing our industry. Their ideas, objectives, research, and products are helping us elevate training to unprecedented heights.


Arcadia Cognerati is a small, agile team of Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis experts who believe that risk should be mitigated, not managed. They are a service provider specializing in assessing, developing, and conducting training and education to address urgent safety and security needs in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.

Arcadia Cognerati programs provide a systematic approach to understanding key factors of the physical and human terrain. They enable course attendees to anticipate likely events and make proactive decisions in a chaotic situation in a timely manner. Each program instills an Advanced Critical Thinking mindset that is designed to foster and create a high-speed legal, moral, & ethical decision-making framework that will fit existing protocols and procedures at your organization. By empowering teams with a cognitive force multiplier, Arcadia Cognerati provides a scientifically validated methodology designed to give you and your organization the “gift of time and distance.”



Chalogianis Consulting LLC in Chelsea, Michigan provides world-class security consulting and provides Subject Matter Expertise for MILO content conceptualization and development. With a team of expert practitioners in active threat, tactics, emergency planning, and training, the Chalogianis team are masters at how to maximize results and integrate MILO training from law enforcement to healthcare environments.

In addition to providing consultancy services for non-LE organizations to ensure their safety and security is adequate, they also develop training content and programs for law enforcement officers to help them integrate their focus on inclusion and support of marginalized populations into immersive scenario-based training.

MILO partners with Chalogianis because they understand and value the importance of truly connecting law enforcement with the communities they serve, building bonds and trust to enhance communication, respect, and ultimately to keep the communities safe.



The Electrophysiological Neuroscience Laboratory of Kent (ENLoK) is an interdisciplinary consortium of faculty from the Departments of Biology, Psychology, and Sociology. Dr. Will Kalkhoff from Sociology, the current Executive Director of the ENLoK, initiated this multidisciplinary collaborative program of research unified by a shared interest in neuroscience to study basic, translational, and clinical aspects of normative and disordered biobehavioral functioning. Their current research interests include mechanisms of cognitive and affective neural bases, and mechanisms of mental health, and social neuroscience.

With an emphasis on assessing dynamic neurological processes with electroencephalography (EEG), their research is especially useful for investigations of the time course of neural events in association with dynamically changing behavior and responses to stimuli.

The mission of our collaborative partnership is to elucidate biobehavioral markers via objective behavioral and electrophysiological (EEG) assessments to advance the discovery and understanding of dynamic processes affecting and improving the safety and performance of the law enforcement and military customers we serve.



Folds of Honor is a nonprofit organization that provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of military members who have fallen or been disabled while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Their educational scholarships support private school tuition or tutoring in grades K-12, tuition for college, technical or trade school, and post-graduate work, including a master’s degree, doctorate, or professional program. Funds for a second bachelor’s degree or trade/technical program certification are also available.

Since its inception in 2007, Folds of Honor has awarded nearly 44,000 scholarships totaling nearly $200 million in all 50 states. Among the students served, 41 percent are minorities. It is rated a four-star charity by Charity Navigator and Platinum on GuideStar. It was founded by Lt Col Dan Rooney, the only-ever F-16 fighter pilot (with three combat tours in Iraq) and PGA Professional.


Founded in 2016 as a social purpose corporation, Maestro Games, SPC is dedicated to creating a world where the healing impact of the arts–specifically music–becomes a tactical tool for resiliency and empathy, and the first line of defense against first responder mental health challenges and potential for desensitization.

The Last Maestro™ platform enables participants to access and build upon their reservoir of emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual resilience through brief, powerful experiences featuring specific music composed to elicit a healing emotional response. The need to engage the parasympathetic nervous system as a way to deal with a stressful event has been practiced for generations in a variety of settings and the importance of creating and maintaining a strong sense of empathy throughout multiple stressful events is crucial for recovery. With The Last Maestro, an immersive 360-degree virtual reality world engages the participant’s autonomic and somatic nervous systems, while interactive gamification keeps the individual focused on the experience and reduces the chance that they will remain focused on their existing stress conditioners.

Creativity is the pathway through trauma and moral injury. Play is the language of creativity. Creativity is an expression of healing.


The Simulated Hazardous Operational Tasks (SHOT) Laboratory at WSU in Spokane, Washington, conducts high-impact research in areas affecting the job performance of high-stress professionals, such as first responders in the law enforcement and healthcare fields.

Their groundbreaking research into implicit bias in policing has revolutionized police training for counter-bias mitigation by using decision-making simulation and was the framework for their immersive training program “CBTSim™,” which is exclusively offered by MILO Training Solutions.

WSU’s researchers serve on the MILO Training Solutions ‘Cognitive Division Advisory Board’ where they continue to drive innovation with research- and evidence-based training programs.