MILO Simulators used to Train Michigan Medicine Public Safety and Security

The University of Michigan’s Michigan Medicine Public Safety and Security team was awarded two Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) for the 2021 season, in part because of their work utilizing Multiple Integrated Learning Objectives (MILO) training. The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) recognize and reward companies and individuals across the security sector. The awards are research-based and designed to be both independent and inclusive, providing an opportunity for outstanding performers to be recognized and their success to be celebrated.

The Michigan Medicine Public Safety and Security team was awarded The Outstanding Security Team award and The Outstanding Security Training Initiative award. The team’s foundation is based on three key factors: Trust, Training, and Technology, the pillars of training and instruction. In order to build trust and utilize technology in their training initiatives, the team uses MILO to train their security and clinical staff in verbal de-escalation and safe body proxemics.  They work to strengthen relationships with the community, empower individuals with personal safety techniques, and utilize new technology and trends to create a safer experience for staff and patients alike.