El Paso Police Recruits Undergo MILO Training

Read the link below to see how El Paso police recruits utilize the MILO simulator for active shooter training. The training program allows officers and recruits to examine their responses to those scenarios by watching back every move they make.

“What could I have done better? How could I have handled this better? It’s not like Call of Duty where if you mess up, you can reset,” EPPD Recruit Christopher Shingles said.

The recruits described the exercise as a lot of pressure and stress.

“With training like that, you wouldn’t think it would get your heart rate up, you wouldn’t think it would get your adrenaline going, but it does,” EPPD Recruit Nathaniel Guevara said.

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Source: Madrid, Salina. “El Paso Police Recruits undergo high-tech ‘Milo’ training for active shooter situations.” KFox14, January 10, 2024, February 27, 2024.