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Simulator Accessories

MILO Range offers a broad range of tools and accessories for your simulator to expand your training options.


MILO Range offers the industry’s first authentic wireless haptic feedback distraction device to replicate the stress-related challenges and physiological changes that occur in the human body during high-intensity training. Designed to look and be worn like a standard police body camera, the MILO Range React! trainee distraction device can be activated by the instructor at any time during a MILO scenario-based training event.  The device will strobe flash, vibrate and activate a piercing 80-120db alarm, with the purpose of distracting and stressing the trainee so that they can apply problem management techniques to resolve the situation around them.    The device is intended to replicate many of the challenges facing law enforcement officers in today’s world, with flashing cellphone cameras, distracting video recording devices, yelling and interference from bystanders, and externally induced stress that can cause officers to make mistakes in judgment and reaction.   The system also comes with a wrist-worn biometric feedback device, which allows the MILO system to track and record the trainee’s heart rate, and then replay that in the debrief in a graph synched to the scenario timeline so the trainee and instructor can see at what points the officers stress level increased.   Together, these two powerful tools make up the MILO Range React! Trainee Distraction device, which provides real results and measurable performance increases. Unlike outdated trainee electroshock belts and electronic pain penalty devices that may leave the trainee with a dangerous “shoot first” mentality that can lead to negative outcomes, the MILO Range React! option will provide trainees, instructors, and administrators with useful performance and improvement tracking by replicating the kind of distractions and stress-inducing events officers face on the streets in the real world of public safety.


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Handguns are supported with either WRK lasers for dry-fire operation or WRK recoil kits for simulated recoil with no modification to the weapon. Dry-fire lasers are fitted with different ring sets for each pistol caliber including .38, 9mm, .40 and .45 Auto. Each weapon can be assigned a unique ID to be uniquely identified during MILO training sessions.

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Rifles are supported with both WRK recoil kits and dry-fire lasers which install in minutes and require no permanent modification to the weapon. Each weapon can be assigned a unique ID to be detected and individually identified during training sessions.

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  • Any double action handgun with a MILO Range laser is ready right out of the box with on any MILO system
  • “Red” Glock 17R. This is a special, inert training weapon with a re-setting trigger for dry-fire training
  • “Red” Sig P228. This is a special, inert training weapon for dry-fire laser training on the MILO systems

WRK Recoil Kit (weapons not included). Milo Range has a full-line of WRK recoil kits and air
station/reloading accessories for the MILO Range systems.

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MILO Range Use-of-Force products support virtually all commonly used service weapons via the included, drop-in laser inserts making the system ready to train right out of the box. MILO Range also offers training-only weapons and WRK recoil simulation kits that quickly modify live service weapons into laser-based training weapons for use on MILO Range simulator.

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For all of the interactive training scenarios on the MILO systems, and many of the interactive skill-builder and course of fire exercises, the MILO Range Pro and Advanced systems allow you to quickly toggle into lowlight/flashlight mode based on your training needs and adjust the ambient lighting level on the fly.

Trainees and students can then deploy their low-light devices and react to challenging stimulus in the scenarios as they would in real life-practicing and demonstrating proficiency with all issued equipment in all types of lighting conditions.

Both the MILO Range PRO and Advanced systems include standard-duty flashlights and can support any flashlight model via custom-sized filters. The flashlight feature is completely wire-less and does not use lasers, allowing the agency to train with any number of flashlights simultaneously.

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The MILO Range Kinetix can detect and respond to a variety of trainee verbal and non-verbal actions.

MILO Range Pro and Advanced systems now feature MILO Range Kinetix options that provide new interaction and functionality for a variety of training objectives. MILO Range Kinetix takes the realism of training, interactivity, and responsiveness to an entirely new level never seen before in any type of firearm or use-of-force training systems.

  • Baton Swings
  • Punches, Strikes, and Kicks
  • Defensive & Offensive Movements and Positions
  • Customized Poses and Gestures
  • Tactical Movement and Positions
  • Speech and Verbal Commands

MILO Range Kinetix can provide real-time point-of view (POV) adjustments to the scenario and graphics field of view based on trainee movement and position. This interactive, motion-based feature provides innovative training experiences for many tactical applications including corner clearing training, defensive tactics and cover as well as CQM and CQB exercises. The MILO Range Kinetix system package can be added to your MILO Range Pro or Advanced system.

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The MILO Range Taser option offers the same degree spread that the real Taser cartridges provide. MILO offers complete training models (non-live) for the X26P and X2 with removable cartridges and XDPM power modules. Each Taser (ECW) device used on the system can be assigned and detected during scenario training events by each trainee. Look for the X7 Taser coming soon…



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The MILO Range systems offer the next generation in simulator shoot-back and return fire technology. The MILO Digi-Fire Tracking Return-Fire Cannon allows instructor-controlled aiming and firing capabilities on an all-electric platform, (no dangerous compressed air tanks) that allows the gun and pan/tilt unit to operate for weeks on one charge. The 9″ widescreen fire-control computer can be plugged in or used for up to 3 hours without any AC power allowing for use in locations other than your simulator room (outdoors, sim house, etc.). All components re-charge in approx. 2 hours. Li & NiMH technologies eliminate battery memory effect and the smart chargers turn themselves off when complete.

Digital Audio and Video: Because of the new technology this system is based on, you can not only view but *record* audio and video during the training session, from the “threat’s” point of view. The video files can then be played back immediately, transferred to the main simulator and projected down range during debriefing, or archived to a flash drive for later viewing at any computer or for training documentation. Live remote viewing of the training sessions from another location is also possible.

Accuracy: MILO Return Fire System fires a 1/2″ group at 25 feet. The 6mm plastic projectile far exceeds the accuracy of the current foam “paintballs” used by other vendors. This accuracy translates into safety; While safety glasses should *always* be used, you will hit exactly where the red dot is located.

The MILO Return Fire System uses no air, CO2, leaky hoses, o-rings, and no travel to a paintball shop for repairs. Also no need for D.O.T. tank inspections or inaccurate foam balls to chase around.

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The MILO Range Anywhere is an exclusive wireless hand-held device that offers instructors the ability to get out from behind the desk and work more closely with their trainees out in the training area or firing line. This freedom allows a sharper eye on the training and one on one experience with the student. The familiar Windows® user interface is available on both the handheld PDA and a tablet PC and allows complete session control and system set-up. The MILO Range Anywhere is a great option for large simulator training rooms and live-fire ranges.

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There are many simulated less-lethal projectile options available including all models of Beanbag and Chemical projectile weapons. Each weapon can be assigned a unique ID to be identified separately from all other weapons during scenario training events.

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The MILO Range Pro system includes a laser OC device similar to the MK5 canister. Additional models and adapters are also available including push button and trigger laser activation. MILO Range systems over simulation OC devices for both thumb and trigger fired OC devices. Each OC device can be assigned a unique ID to be uniquely identified during training on the system.

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Batons and other less-lethal impact d™ for Windows® motion-based option. Baton training on the MILO system is fully interactive and includes the same branching and reactions as laser-based weapons and other less-lethal training options.

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