Homemade Bullet Traps & Construction of Shooting Range Backstops for Plinking Guns

Many avid shooters have air guns in different forms, whether they use them for plinking or applied exercises. Where weapons such as airsoft, BB guns, or pellet guns can easily be taken, most choose to shoot these non-lethal guns in their own designated area. To contain the projectiles for easy cleanup or evidence removal, people turn to different methods of collecting the projectiles. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to talk about bullet traps.

Backstops VS Bullet Traps

There is some confusion between bullet traps and backstops and we would like to note the differences between them.
Bullet Traps: Designed and engineered to stop projectile shots, a bullet trap hinders the projectile’s progression as the targets are posted in front of it.
Shooting Range Backstops: The projectiles that misses the trap are stopped with a backstop that is adding extra protection. The need for the backstop is minimized if there is a bullet trap being utilized, and if there is not a trap, the backstop takes the brunt of the force, and stops the projectiles.

BB Bullet Trap

A trashcan on its side and layered with wadded up newspapers to offer protection, and stopping the BB was the old-school DIY method. This initially worked, but the more abuse it endured, the less effective it was. The BB is traveling with force depending on the power behind the rifle. High-powered rifles can shred through the paper quickly, whereas the lower-power rifles break down the paper over time and use. The paper in this instance is not absorbing the impact, but just slowing it down. For more effectiveness, you can try another DIY product or a commercial-grade product. Use wall-to-wall carpet as the DIY solution. The wall-to-wall carpet prevents a bounce back effect. Robbing the projectile of its velocity is efficient. Place a trough at the bottom to contain the BBs, hang a section of wall-to-wall carpeting down for easy cleanup.

Bullet Trap for Pellet Guns

The lead absorbs the energy and deforms on impact since these pellets are made of lead, a softer material. Large chunks are initially torn away, followed by smaller specks and their natural design offers higher velocity, making the need for a better bullet trap than the BB projectiles. With a velocity pellet gun, even thin sheeted steel can be blasted through. A heavy-duty bullet trap is better, such as one designed for .22 projectiles.

Shooting Backstop Construction

Backstops are highly recommended for any bullet trap you decide to use. A humble backstop is all you need if you are a single shooter plinking away in your yard. Just ensure that it is big enough to protect anything behind it. Obviously, something more industrial-sized should be installed on ranges.

Custom Ranges with Bullet Traps for Safe Shooting Practice

Whether you spend time on the range, or plink with mild air-guns, safety is the most important application and it is your duty to protect yourself and others while engaged in firing your weapon. Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges with advanced bullet traps that consistently and safely receive all caliber bullets under live fire training conditions. Our bullet traps effectively allow for the safe removal and disposal of all lead and other debris without human contact or environmental damage. Contact us to learn more today!