How to Store Guns in Safe; Long Term Gun Storage Oil, Firearm Cleaning Gloves & More

Moisture is one of the primary elements that ruins guns. To keep the safe in a dry environment, there are a number of dehumidifiers available. There are wireless, rechargeable units that are a common favorite. These amazing units house desiccant beads that will pull moisture right out of the air. Once these desiccant beads are saturated, they will become pink. Removing the unit and plugging it in will switch on the built-in heating element where the unit heats up, causing the beads to release the moisture they absorbed. Once the beads have reverted back to blue, it is ready to be placed back in the safe to safeguard the weapons from moisture. There are many factors that dictate how long a recharge is needed, but it generally requires a recharge every two months or so. Below, you will find additional storage tips we at Shooting Range Industries prepared today.

Long Term Gun Storage Oil

Using a good gun oil can help for long-term storage needs as well as short term. There are products that clean, lubricate, and protect. Where there is an argument to use an all-in-one-type of cleaner, many users will agree the results are incredible. If the all-in-one products are not for you, avoid using WD-40 as it oxides quickly and turns yellow. Though it might be effective for removing water from a wet duck gun, it is not an oil protectant. Be sure to clean the weapon and use a quality oil that is designed for long-term storage.

Avoid Contact from Skin to Gun Metal

Do not grab your gun by the barrel and place it in storage. The skin’s natural oils are actually harmful to the metal components. It is all too common from people grabbing the gun by the barrel, leaving behind rusty fingerprints after a long period of time. This is easily prevented by simply using gloves. Keep a box in the safe for easy access and after a light coat of oil, place them in safe.

Regularly Check on Firearms in Safe

Having a reminder to check on the dehumidifier every couple of months, provides a perfect opportunity to check on the guns’ condition. Pull each gun out of the safe and inspect them each carefully. If something as missed in the cleaning regiment before storing your weapons, you can catch it after a couple of months instead of a year or much longer. Keeping the weapons in optimal condition should be everyone’s goal.

Safe Gun Storage

There is no need to baby the guns, but the last thing you want is to have them rust away when they are not being used. Where most guns are an investment, you can ensure they last with the proper care. These steps are especially essential for a long-term hibernation period but are applicable with any storage. When it comes to the proper storage, remember safety is the number goal. Ensuring the weapons do not get touched by unauthorized users is essential, and you want to make certain these guns are readily used on your terms.