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Simulator Features

MILO Range features Kinect for Windows, Interactive Scenarios, VBS2, Firearms training and Taser options.


For all of the interactive training scenarios on the MILO systems, and many of the interactive skill-builder and course of fire exercises, the MILO Range Pro and Advanced systems allow you to quickly toggle into lowlight/flashlight mode based on your training needs and adjust the ambient lighting level on the fly.

Trainees and students can then deploy their low-light devices and react to challenging stimulus in the scenarios as they would in real life-practicing and demonstrating proficiency with all issued equipment in all types of lighting conditions.

Both the MILO Range PRO and Advanced systems include standard-duty flashlights and can support any flashlight model via custom-sized filters. The flashlight feature is completely wire-less and does not use lasers, allowing the agency to train with any number of flashlights simultaneously.

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In addition to standard and high definition branching video scenarios, all MILO Range Use-of-Force products include pre-loaded interactive, graphic-based firearms exercises and drills. MILO’S interactive computer generated graphics modules (GraphX) offers exercises ranging from basic target tracking exercises to a complete user-defined Courses of Fire and Marksmanship drills. All MILO GraphX applications have settings to accommodate the skill level of the shooter and fully support both laser and Live Fire modes with selectable sound effects, target behaviors and backgrounds, lighting levels and special effects.

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Some of the pre-loaded MILO GraphX Applications Include:

Firing Range Daytime, Firing Range with Flashlight, Turning Targets, Dueling Tree, Poppers, Shoot House, Plates, Shot Grouping, Indoor Range, Home on the Range, Running Man, Multi-Lane Marksmanship, Exploding Targets, Target Match, Exploding Target Tracking, Steel Field, Target Tracking, Hostages, Dynamic Room Breaches, Hostage exercises, Target identification and Interdiction exercises among many others-the best in the

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MILO Range Pro School Scenario

Interactive Scenarios:

MILO Range includes over 500 High Definition and Standard Definition interactive branching scenarios. Most scenarios have been based off real life experiences and expertise. Topics cover a wide variety of training situations including traffic stops, active shooter situations, burglaries, domestic disturbances, corrections, patrol and many others.

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The MILO Range KnowledgeBase feature was developed exclusively by Milo Range in response to our customers’ desires to present students with policy, procedure and training documentation and information while debriefing before or after a MILO Range training scenario. By utilizing KnowledgeBase from within the MILO Range session screen, instructors can present agency documentation, images, videos and presentations to the student via the projected screen downrange. With the click of a button, KnowledgeBase empowers the instructor to immediately reinforce policy and to address missed learning objectives.

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The MILO Range PRO and Advanced systems include IES’s Trainee Action Capture (TAC) feature which records both color video and digital audio of the student during the training session. Instructors can then replay the captured video in normal and slow motion, as well as frame by frame – in either a picture-in-picture or scenario-only display mode. The size and location of the scenario window is controllable by the instructor. Only the MILO Range allows for capturing instructor/student training comments during debriefing as part of the trainee performance capture.

The MILO Range PRO and Advanced systems also offer the industry-exclusive feature of archiving or exporting the Trainee Action Capture video and audio. The content can be saved on the system or exported to DVD for review in other systems.

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The MILO Range Anywhere is an exclusive wireless hand-held device that offers instructors the ability to get out from behind the desk and work more closely with their trainees out in the training area or firing line. This freedom allows a sharper eye on the training and one on one experience with the student. The familiar Windows® user interface is available on both the handheld PDA and a tablet PC and allows complete session control and system set-up. The MILO Range Anywhere is a great option for large simulator training rooms and live-fire ranges.

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MILO Range offers the ability for customers to design and create their own scenarios for use in the MILO Range simulator. From shooting video, editing and creating the custom lessons for the system, you can make your own training experience.

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Take your training to the next level with the 3D VBS2 training game. VBS2 provides a first person simulation in virtual, immersive environments with hundreds of simulated military and civilian entities. Generic targets, U.S. Army, Marine Corps and multinational equipment have been created for use in geo-Typical and actual geo-specific terrains to maximize your training. The IES VBS2 simulation allows aim-trace weapons to navigate through the first-person environment and train for limitless scenario types utilizing a wide range of 3D models. IES VBS2 enables customers to construct their own content for a variety of goals for a customized training experience.

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MILO Green-Screen performs real-time video processing to allow the placement of backgrounds behind full 1080 HD videos where a key color, usually green, is removed. Complete scenarios can be filmed with a green screen and then use backgrounds specific to local climates and landmarks.
Generic content can now be localized at each customer’s site, allowing further realism and engagement by trainees. Whether your agency is spread across the continent or across the world, you can produce content relevant to your entire agency policies and trained at your specific locations.

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