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MILO Range Firearms Diagnostic Unit (FDU)

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Simultaneously capture the four key perspectives of a shooter's technique

The MILO Range Firearms Diagnostic Unit (FDU) is a revolutionary tool enabling instructors to watch key components of a shooter’s technique and results on a computer screen, in real time, and then review in detail with the student. The FDU captures the weapon line-of-sight, trigger motion, trainee posture & stance, and the fall of shot for the entire training session. Once completed, the instructor can then review the entire session in normal video playback or frame-by-frame motion with the student. By synchronizing these key components for immediate review with the student, the relationships between them, and the technique flaws that cause shot inaccuracy immediately become clear. When the trainee actually sees their own trigger motion as they ready the shot, the front sight dropping (anticipating recoil), and ultimately the low fall of the round, they witness and identify their own technique flaw and can immediately work to correct it. The entire session, complete with instructor commentary, can be reviewed immediately and/ or exported for at a later time. The Range FDU can be used with dryfire, recoil and live-fire training weapons.

Simulator Features

The MILO Range FDU system includes the FDU computer system, heads-up line of sight camera, point of impact camera, trainee camera, and trigger monitor for your firearm. The only thing not included is the firearm, safety gear, and ammunition. The entire system comes in a one-man portable travel case and can be set up on a tabletop in less than 15 minutes.

Capture the Key Perspectives

Sight Picture:
Uses patented MILO technology to allow simultaneous student and instructor view of the student’s line of sight along the weapon during shot preparation and through shot fired and recovery.

Trigger Motion:
Utilizes a rail-mounted trigger motion sensor that records and graphs the timing and distance of all trigger use.

Point of Impact:
A camera with a zoom lens allows a real-time view of the fall of each shot.

Stance and Posture:
A camera allows video from the student as well as audio of the entire training session to be captured.


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• MILO Range FDU System ready to go out of the box
• MILO Trainee Viewpoint HUD System
• MILO Trigger Pull Tracking device
• MILO FDU Connection Box
• Camera trained on Target with zoom lens
• Camera trained on Trainee for stance, grip, safety, etc.
• Transport Case

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The Range Firearms Diagnostic Unit (FDU) simultaneously captures the four key perspective of a shooter’s technique to give instructors a first-person perspective in real-time.