Live, Virtual, Cognitive—The New MILO

Live, Virtual, Cognitive—The New MILO

New logo, new divisions, new partners  — and the same attention to detail and customer support that has made MILO a leader in simulation training systems since 1994.

2020 was a unique and challenging year for law enforcement agencies, but MILO has remained committed and successful in our mission to ensure the best, most effective training for law enforcement, military, and government users around the world. MILO has embarked on a global paradigm shift in training that recognizes the need for deeper cognitive training objectives and systems that facilitate that.  With the building of the cognitive division and the acquisition of Shooting Range Industries, MILO now has the products, creativity, drive, and background to develop innovative new training products with the latest technology, tailored to specific customer demand and needs, whether those needs are for tactical firearms training, de-escalation and active bystander training, or something completely new to meet rapidly evolving objectives.

MILO Live — a global provider of state-of-the-art shooting range and live-fire training systems and solutions, designed and tested to ensure ultimate shooter safety. MILO can design the range and provide the firearm training equipment that’s right for the needs of your organization. Whether you need a modular ballistic enclosed live-fire simulator to meet Military Live Fire Training requirements, or a customized range to meet the specific needs of law enforcement within the constraints of time and space, MILO Live can offer state-of-the-art live shooting ranges for military, law enforcement agencies, firearms professionals, and private enthusiasts in need of an improved capacity to provide live fire training. Our commitment to excellence has not changed and we will continue to be the same trusted partner used by agencies around the world.

MILO Virtual — a simulation training systems provider for government, military, law enforcement, and police agencies, for critical incident training, de-escalation, decision support training, traditional tactical judgment training, and firearms proficiency training. With simulations, scenario-based training, and mission-specific interactive judgment training, MILO Virtual can meet your robust training needs — any time, anywhere, any space, any place. From the portable MILO Range M-SATS (Mobile-Situational Awareness Training System) to the fully immersive MILO Range Theater and Shoot House systems, MILO Virtual provides hundreds of complex dynamic video training scenarios, graphics-based firearms skill-builder drills, and industry-leading tactical training features. MILO Virtual is your team in the center, focused on virtual integration with live and cognitive divisions to the left and right.

MILO Cognitive — an evidence-based approach to advanced learning solutions, including curriculum, custom content, outreach, and partnerships to expand your training program and keep you on the cutting edge of research and regulatory guidance. MILO Cognitive will help your agency overcome training challenges and integrate deep learning methods like stress inoculation and counter-bias training, using brain science and strategies and informed by a team of researchers, master practitioners, and best-in-class partners, including the NeuroLeadership Institute and the Simulated Hazardous Operational Tasks (SHOT) Laboratory at Washington State University. With MILO Cognitive, your comprehensive training program will target specific training objectives with applied science solutions, supporting the whole officer and the complexity of their mission.

Live, Virtual, Cognitive. The New MILO takes what it does best  — provide world-leading simulation training for government, military, law enforcement, and police agencies — and integrates cognitive science and the immersive power of MILO technology to create world-class training opportunities to meet ALL the training needs of your agency.